Head In The Clouds

The following is a musical fusion to Ether, the title track from a new album by SizzleBird. You can purchase it here. Featured art is by Alicia Savage.

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Dragonflies darting
Through tall grass of chance
Blades aloft parting
To greet their advance
Nature is spirited
Nature is charmed
Nothing inhibited

Dandelions sway amidst petals and plants
Enhanced by the steep of the breeze
Autumn disarmed all the leaves from the trees
Sending regards as they crunch beneath feet
Butterflies flutter by
Lullabies dream
Hearkening to reawakened scene

Roses strike poses
Delighting the posies
Softening focus through lens of osmosis
Precocious the opus of lotus in bloom
Spoken of smokeless perfume
Grateful am I for the room with a view
Gazing o’er silt of morning dew

Mourning not the wilt of crops for all is seen anew
Harvest reaped from farthest reach
Through every meadow strewn
The garden grows
In ardent hope of bargaining with cotton rows
Rhododendrons lend amendment
To each fence post thence reposed
Thriving tendons ebb and flow
Each vein disclosing daisy chain
From somewhere down the mazy lane
The glow of home souls radiate
Taking long strolls through the grove
Embossed in bronze, in silver, gold
As it was in days of old retold in no way hazy shade

Lilacs parading in rays ultraviolet
Lemon blossom braided through their weave
Sandalwood trees yielding timber and oil
Their incense to dress each green sleeve
Gemstones bedecked in the cuff of the breeze
Once gruff, now of tension relieved
Pressure points nullify
Lullabies dream
Hearkening to comprehensive scene

Nature is spirited
Nature is charmed
Favour is limitless
Fervour is keen
Casting my eye o’er the delicate streams
Gently, with faith I proceed
Dandelions sway amidst petals and leaves
As I dress destiny’s blessèd scene
Caressed by the steep of the breeze
Midst remembering beams
Never less
I am seen

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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© Copyright: Rivers of Grue™ SizzleBird™

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  1. This is magical!! I’m reading a book about reintroducing wildlife to the countryside and this accompanies the magic beautifully. Love your fluttering deliverance 🥰

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