Hello, And Now I Really Must Be Going

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One final farewell to the flesh
Ciao sinew and arrivederci dermis
Adiós to skin
I bid adieu with no regrets
For there’s no question that you duly served your purpose

Farvel for nå membrane
Auf wiedersehen capillaries
Who’s to say we’re too waylaid to exceed capabilities
Buck the all-time low
Rechannel flow
Promote abilities
That complement a wealth of eccentricities

Sense and sensibility
At liberty to try
Section negativity
And leave it well behind
Hindsight is a darn sight less defective
Deemed effective
To erecting then a celebratory shrine

Flesh and bone aside
No need for methadone led highs
To kiss the sky
And make our presence known
To precious stones inside us
Touching midas
To enthrone its light
Apply to each infected zone
And make these places second homes
For pheromones to fly

Een finale vaarwel naar het vlees
One final farewell
To the flesh on my face
The skin on my bones
And the mess in its place
Is no less than a stretch to requirement
Calling my maudlin heart from retirement
All in to fall in dark corners to rise them
Prise them apart
And impart healing balm
Hear it works like a charm
Gleaned entitlement

To hurts encased
Blessings left for every curse we’re further versed to break
Precedent then set
To better yet redress our wake
With petals for our flesh
And vessels chained
No goodbyes
Hellos reprise
With open minds

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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