Stop The Clocks

Stop The Clocks has been published in All of Me Vol. V, courtesy of Shadow Spark Publishing.

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stop the clocks
hold your breath
drop the airs and the graces
take every book you ever read
and tear out empty pages
dare challenge the view that nothing truly ever changes
and make a date with destiny anew

reconnect the child inside of you—resumed
from way back in the day
for memories may serve
yet have a disconcerting tendency to fade
we seldom see dependency unless we think sequentially
and venture back to childhoods in our wake
remembrance for some equates to pain we feel best placed lest we forget
for others there exists a hiding place where we delight in retrospect
regardless of the reminiscence kept
it is imperative
we take a trip down every lane to gain an understanding where it’s relative
ownership is everything
when only in our minds
for our true selves lack showmanship
when peeking through the blinds
holding close our poker chips
our faces wear the lies
we tell ourselves when certain harms are wired
should we aspire to overcome
then we must travel through
get blind drunk then sober up
and realign each view
life soon sees us overrun
with o, so much ado
yet nothing quite so paramount
as taking care of you
without such fundamental self pursuit
we make a thousand points with precious few we voice adroit to prove
the true blue hearts we tend to guard from menu cards aloof
while weathered engines fail to start anew
the flowers in our bones can only bloom with light and air
there seems no sense in feeling when ill-tempered to declare
for every dying ember
there’s a long doused flame to be reclaimed
a joy translating every pain
a smile remaining tucked away
eventually to ebb away
potentially be led astray
a memory can soon become erased
lest we remember
and make a date with destiny anew

stop the clocks
hold your breath
tap each vein
and renovate it
take every fraying wire inside your head
and then replace it
dare challenge the view that nothing truly ever changes
and make a date with love not hate
retouching fate to destiny anew

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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