The Agony of Ecstasy

The Agony of Ecstasy is an original work, inspired by British crime drama, Luther, further exploring the fascinating relationship between its two central characters. It is written and performed from the perspective of DCI John Luther.

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That look
I swear will be the death of me
The one I dress upon my lips
The one that kisses breathlessly
The agony of ecstasy
One habit I can’t break
For one of same telepathy
One look’s all it’d take
That look
One day
I swear will be the death of me
And yet I bleed out readily
To fever your embrace

Those eyes
Cut to the heart of me
And marble meat
You carve for me
Better yet
Your etiquette
Suggests that you would starve for me
It’s really not that hard for me
To dance in naked flame
With arteries ablaze
To celebrate your mastery

Those eyes
Provide a path for me
Far from all the harlequins that laugh at me
To some place safe
Some place familiar
Some place where the air is clearer
Unchanged in the dead of winter
Teasing out embedded splinters
Seems the least that I can do
Inviting you to dinner
Be a saint
And mark it to
—The sinner—

Cleanse me of the things I’ve seen
Come meet me at the murder scene
Help me to make sense of why
I die with such great urgency
That look
Those eyes
I swear
One day
Will slay me inadvertently
Then wink
And sink the blade in
For you’d sooner be the angel at my table
As we blaze for all eternity

We may be
But lady
I’m willing and able
To table a bid
For plain crazy
Fill in the blanks
Of a love almanac
Which dates back
Through the cracks of the ages
All in
The whole stack
And I’m betting on black
Just to paint the town red
In your name kid
Sweet Alice
Love may be a sin
But its taste
Is my naked flame blazing
Your grace
That amazes
Your pains
I’d die twice to see faded
I swear that
One day
You may well be the death of me
Guess that’s just the agony of ecstasy

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Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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