All of Me—Reprised

On 21st September 2020, Shadow Spark Publishing published the last part of my six-volume poetry series, All of Me. All of Me was the very first poem I wrote, after learning of their intention to release my works. All of Me—Reprised is its companion piece and was featured in the final volume, to bookend the series. You can purchase that, or any of the other five volumes, on both paperback or kindle editions, here.

Listen to All of MeReprised by Richard Charles Stevens

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All you’ve seen is all of me
Whether brisk as inland breeze
Or ill at ease and all at sea
All I have revealed is all of me

Once upon a time, I felt inclined to fade away
Prior to acquiring the required faith to make a play to stake a claim on famed terrain and find the range evading me
Take the reins insatiably and savour that once claimed to be courageous in convictions
Find the fact in fractured figments of a mind inclined to fiction
Yet denied the predilection to delight such contradiction
Find reprised affection for the art of flight ascension
Free the bind of nervous tension
Bid preserve the glide direction of a soul paroled from open roads foreclosed until I broke the mould
Ventured boldly into dreams
And set a scene to all of me

All you’ve seen is all of me
Not a heartbeat incomplete
Every artery redeemed
All you’ve ever seen is all of me

Every day I take to the most public of domains
Reconfirm belief that we can firmly change the game
Feed desire to reach the spire
Aspire to go one better
Maybe start a fire or two
And please feel free to quote me to the letter
Metaphor need never one time settle for detention
Should we care to mention that with madness comes a method
Testifying death-defying enterprise and verve
Specifying every line intensifying curve
Swerving slips and trips and falls
Nerves equipped to twitch for cause
Bow for keen devout as you deserve to milk applause
Every angel tends to fall
When sprawled out in remorse
Every phoenix seeks to rise
When burning embers lend endorsement
Pay no mind to spent endorphins
Trial suspension
Test the torsion
Venture not with disproportion
Toss the wind a length of caution
All I see are diamonds in my view
And all of me approves the very best of you

All you’ve seen is all of me
And all I’ve seen are reasons to proceed
Whether brisk as inland breeze
Or ill at ease and all at sea
All I’ve seen are seasons to renew
All I ever wish to see is all of you reach every beacon
Merely through the art of passing through
Trending us towards an ever blessèd point of view

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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