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Listen to Ultima by Richard Charles Stevens

Listen to Reflections by Phaeleh

She is glass
To see right through
In all alluring forms I view
A flawless masterpiece
Esteemed the leading light of modest few
In crystalline
Her eyes bid deep delight
To days preceding night
To steep the rise of mist amidst the fall of morning dew
She is glass
To see right through
In all alluring forms I view
I see her true

Such lawless flight
Invites an audience to testify skyline anew
Rhododendrons end their bitter feuds
With mead renewed
Bid seeds adieu
Extend their tips in thriving bloom
Climbing the horizon
Timing runs to guide the sun and prize the moon
The song of siren breaks the silence
In defiance of displacing gloom
Her crystal gaze permits embrace through distant haze of wistful faces mute
Resolute in making plain the diamonds in her eyes in vibrant boom
She is glass
To see right through
In all the flawless forms I view
I see her true

A dream is not a dream
Less She be fevered in salute
Setting scene serenely
Keenly reasoning commute
A dream is not a dream
Less seen through eyes of blind faith runed
A dream is not a dream
Less dreamed for two

For She, I fall asleep
At peace, no mind supplied to ill at ease concede that I will bleed
Denied the guiding light She oversees
Inebriating sober seas
The moment She proceeds
With the diplomacy of waves in open sweep
My soul to keep
I give to solely She
Of glass
To see right through
Adored in all adoring forms I view

Adorned with jewels
Her vesture strewn with every treasured gemstone and bijou
For She is glass
To see right through
In crystalline
And disinclined to mists that rise amidst the morning dew
Her dawning eyes comprise a rousing symphony
Arousing bloom
To bind the sun in twine with moon
Esteemed the honest flight of few
Both light and shade delight the view
The flawless form of Ultima
My final breath penultimate
For only She can kiss me back to life upon consulting her
Would gladly die exalting her to high of modest few
For She, I shall be glass
To see right through
Through single brace of eyes
Embrace all flawless forms we view
And see them true

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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    1. I adore that you cherry picked this line. Often I become so lost in a melody when writing, that lines become serpentine tongue twisters before I can draw a breath.

      Then there are the moments I liken to breathing out. I wrote the above prose while exhaling a breath. Simplicity speaks so much more sweetly in these instances.

      1. You, like She, are “a flawless masterpiece”. I may not be a wordsmith but I embrace all your prose with my life giving circulatory system 🙂

  1. “The flawless form of Ultima
    My final breath penultimate
    For only She can kiss me back to life upon consulting her”

    Tears and strength come from these words. I love them beyond comprehension. Ultima is one of my favorite poems of all time. It lives in a special place among other favorite poems written by a talented gentleman I know and some other poets named Frost and Poe.

    1. Tears of joy on receipt of those words. Firstly Ivy, you see the true underlying message of Ultima. In the world of here and now it will be read by many as a love ode from one to another. Yet, its romance so much more than that. To and from the one place inside us all from where our strength, love and light resides.

      Secondly, to be spoken of in the same passage as the likes of Frost and Poe, such is an honour unlike any other. It has always been my goal to fuse the archaic with the modern, thus keeping alive such tremendous legacies and refreshing the flowers, so to speak. I am humbled deeply by your words.

      1. You succeed in reaching your goal. Absolutely beautiful work, Richard. We are blessed to have the opportunity to read your words. Much love to you.

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