Running With Wolves

Running With Wolves is an original work, inspired by and based upon Joe Carnahan’s motion picture, The Grey, and the original version has been published in All of Me Vol. I, courtesy of Shadow Spark Publishing.

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They’re gaining ground
Must have picked up the scent
I can sense their dissent
Must have wandered too close to their den
I can smell their disgustful intent as they sniff at the tears in my tracks
Wagging tails as they take to the trail
Quickening pace as they cut to the chase

Stalking their game
Only thought to assail
Like gray mist they drift beneath insolent veil
Whispering of sorrow’s tale
Waiting for the sun to pale
Preying on the weak, the frail
The lost and the delirious
Not nearly as forthcoming
Less they spot their quarry running
Even then, they favour cunning
Lead charade so stubbornly mysterious

Making sullen those encountered
As the alpha prowls perimeter
Scowling these inquisitors of all unwelcome visitors
Considered in their every move
With only one point left to prove
That justice will be rough and crude
Cries of mercy misconstrued
All they see are bones to chew
Just to feel the rush, the chase
Clench incisors
Lunge and flay
Adjudicating paths of stray
While ruminating rasping fate
Every final gasp declared fair game

Far too wild to tame and will parade such unashamedly
Brazenly persuasive yet this reeks of hunger pains to me
Could it be the prey they seek is meek through choice, not weakness
May not be so feeble and defeated

Live and die on this day
To be straight
It could go either way
May be the last fight that I’ll ever know
Once more into the fray

Should I die on this day
Then tomorrow the truth shall prevail
True to form, all the wolves shall recede
Prepare for their next scheduled feed
For such is simply nature of the beast
And this saddens me

So handsome these creatures
Such romancing features
Such sadness resides in the blacks of their eyes
As they spill ashen tears in the tracks left behind
Running from shadows
The anxious wolves cry
But not I
Live or die
I shall stand tall with pride on this day
Should fortune not favour the brave on this day
Then angels of undying favour shall honour my grave
Pray for the lost souls that wandered astray

Live and die on this day
To be straight
It could go either way
May be the last fight that I’ll ever know
Once more into the fray

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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