Ballad of The Queen Bee (Be A Bee Suite)

Ballad of The Queen Bee has been published in All of Me Vol. I, courtesy of Shadow Spark Publishing.

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The sun is wearing its very best frock
An opulent gown of honeycomb dreams
Unbeknownst to the wasps
For it is grown by the bees
Trees sway gently in the breeze while the hummingbirds hum their verse modestly
Doing just as they please
And honestly, I can barely even breathe
So divine is the majesty I see as I bashfully proceed through a tapestry of leaves
That crunch beneath the soles of my feet and lead a dance as they bunch like badgers in a dene
I advance not with caution as precautions really need not be taken
When waking in the garden of one’s dreams
The seams of this reverie are seamlessly heavenly and the beams so togetherly as they bleed through the trees with an ease never seen in a levity of luminescent medley
Ever-present is the crescent of a moon gone too soon as time marches on like a ticking platoon
Yet, there is far too much ado to rue mute salute
Choose the blues when the greens are so vibrantly strewn
And the bees have a queen
This figurine of majesty foreseen by the drones as they polish up her throne
Her crown glows profoundly, posing proudly to the workers
As they hum their sweet verse loudly, these ever keen observers
Waxing of her flaxen divinity, this vision the likes of which the hive has never seen, less that be in hopeful dream
They gather runny honey to make sunny her proud kingdom
Kneel about her feet and quench their thirst upon her wisdom
Light happiness surrounds these grounds which are boundless
Sounding out frowns, it flips them upside down and the sun sticks around as there is daylight to be spun
Meanwhile, at the grapevine it is silent
This summertime scene a dear lullaby of reasons evergreen to recede in the shade
Lay beneath the magic faraway tree
Swaying gently in the breeze, the hummingbirds hum their verse modestly
And the queen bee
Does just as she pleases

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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