Of Darkness and Despair

Listen to Of Darkness and Despair by Richard Charles Stevens

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we’ve all been there
heaven knows the ghastly sights we’ve seen there
whoever owns the rights
deprives us clean air
out of mind and tries left
we’ve all been there

despairing eyes
contrariwise to bearings prised from grip
unverified the light which dies
capsized the sinking ship
thinking quick
yet nothing giving
all at sea
in some misgiving
altered beast
on second billing
crawling deep
to plunder willing
killing in the name of shame
of lived in blame
and unremitting pain
stinging rain
on peeling paint
saturating milling grain
splitting the basilic vain
to iterate
to feel again

we’ve all been there
in the darkness
leaning to despair
whomsoever tethers
through the never
can endeavour
to remember
hell for leather
we’ve all been there

shadows narrow
sparrow’s line of sight
owing to the harrowed dead of night
arrowheads beg hallowed entry
unassented shallow gentry
sentries lined up
out of breath
to death lamenting
nothing left
bereft of ending
smothered of encouragement’s consent
supplemented dreams of seasons once attended
reasons left to dress to kill
before the steel becomes cemented
once revealed an oath
and meant it
healed all broken bones
ventured into woe betrothed
to tender growth
where tunnels ended

we’ve all been there
in the darkness
harnessed to despair
halfway back from hell and only heaven knows the ghastly sights we’ve seen there
it’s a fact
no fiction
we’ve all been there
please do heed this diction
set the scene there
learn to breathe again
when pain careens there
seek the light
to keep the night
from dying
rise up
death defy
and feel alive
for life is sweeter in reprise
and that besides
we’ve all been there

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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  1. To anyone reading Of Darkness and Despair, it is a short poem I wrote a few days back, having been to a dark place in my mind. I wrote it as an address to myself, although my feeling is that it might resonate with others on the same level. Light from darkness has always been my running theme. Here it is at its most evident. May you all shine brightly.

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