Crossroad has been published in All of Me Vol. V, courtesy of Shadow Spark Publishing. Featured art is by Flora Borsi.

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through the leaves
she traipsed
weary from the travel
incoherently she babbled
of the trials and tribulations she had faced
hurting from the pain of realization she was facing the abrasive winds that underpinned the rain
every deviation led directly to this place again
the rough terrain where thoughts and deeds were slain
life became a game of blame when shame was entertained
and drained the veins of flowers fading in her bones
through the leaves
she traipsed
her changing face dismay disclosed
for silkwood trees the breeze unclothed
the air she breathed was decomposed
she slowed the pace
from heel to toe
and seemed a little predisposed
to laying prone
each vein exposed
the flowers in her bones thrombosed
frozen soil open
to receive the sigils burned
earthworms writhing
the gritted teeth
the lip that curled
if this was indeed to be
the name of rose unfurled
then she would be deemed fleeting in repose
for everything she came to know
would then in turn become unlearned
beneath her feet
the bridge of her own soul’s reclaim would burn
hurting for a triumph
in defiance of defeat
amidst compliance to decree
that she had silently agreed
thus contradicting firm belief
that led her
through the leaves
that dressed her dreams in blessèd weave
caressed of theme
in kind
her weary eyes wept every destiny
suggested she should reap
with harvest spoiled
and false thoughts toiled
her mortal coil recoiled at once
to bear the brunt of bargain foiled
to harness strength she bled from lovers
unaware this weakened her own essence then in turn
the bridge of her own soul’s reclaim would then commence to burn
through the leaves
she traipsed
concurred to brace the bitter breeze
the smile her face paraded
in the grace of kind
she slowed the pace
from heel to toe
and turned

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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  1. I couldn’t finish reading this for crying. The image at the top with the pigeon, the words… everything resonates with my feelings at the moment as you know. Really special piece this one Lion, love it in every way.

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