Electric Fusion

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Neon beach
Kaleidoscopic skies
Psychedelic clouds across an ultraviolet sunrise
Every shade and hue awakened to eclectic union
Made anew amidst electric fusion

Elevated view of multifaceted horizon
Acceleration due to the emphatic skyline thriving
Fragrant bloom metachromatic
Nothing vacant
Nothing static
Every facet rising
Cutting edge this graphic
Unpretentious ventured fluids binding

Neon beach
Kaleidoscopic skies
And rainbows climbing
Elevated view of interchangable horizon
Woven through in vibrant braid
Out of sight
Of mind
Of range
Mode of coastal flight estranged
Prior to sensational reprise
Every shade and hue awakened to eclectic union
Made anew amidst electric fusion

Red and orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet
Every known tone in-between
And more aside deciphered
Monochrome in chaperone
No surplus to requirement
Hardwired to revision of entitlement
Time and space erased in untraditional retirement
Twine of veins hospitable to infinite enlightenment
Braided through the fibres of two hearts imbued empowerment
Made anew amidst electric fusion

Every shade and hue awakened to eclectic union
Far too much ado to rue correctional ablution
Epic redirected flow of future proof components
Ever muted noise pollution
Jubilant in elocution
Onus on commutable contusion
Solvent, to an elemental riddle
The solution
Unpretentious ventured fluids binding
Clear as crystalline
Made anew amidst electric fusion

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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    1. I love that. And yes, forever climbing rainbows. With stardust in stride. Your belief in my art is every single colour in the wheel and more besides.

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