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You can do it
Just need to push through it
Pay no heed to the voice in your head
Which suggests that you blew it

The blueprint is yours
And the tool kit secured
Talk the talk
Walk the walk
Maybe alter your course
Spare a thought for your dream
And default to its theme
Be the only one keen to pursue it
Hold firm on belief
You can do it

Sooner or later
You’ll be the free trader
Rewarded for enduring labour
Your potential is greater than that out of favour
And it’s in your nature to play the curator
Faith is one catch you should never release
Some way more than accessory piece
It may be cruelly shaken
Unduly mistaken
But truly it beams when securely awakened

Truly it beams when securely awakened

Sooner or later
You’ll travel full circle
Unravel the truth
Life has been mere rehearsal
No reason to wait for the curtain to fall
When the encore is yours to compose
With determination
You will earn ovation
Providing you know how to close
Through each trial and error
You learned to box clever
Now sever the ties that hang tight from the end of your tether

Sooner or later
With grace and endeavour
You’ll find the dignation to never to say never
Changes to weather are par for the course
When for better or worse
You endorse no fraught thought whatsoever
Pull up a stool or go ride on a zephyr
The choice is your own
To go hard or go home
Better yet, do them both and together

You can do it
Just need to be fluid

Learn to seep through the cracks
Take the industry back
Seek each pain
Paint it black
And punch through it
The future is yours
And the tool kit secured
Talk the talk
Walk the walk
Take the nautical course
Spare a tear for these seas
And default to the deep
Be forevermore seen to sail through it
Hold on firm to belief
You can do it

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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