Up and Atom (Madness To My Method Remix)

Listen to Up and Atom by Richard Charles Stevens (Madness To My Method Remix)

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The law of attraction
Turns thoughts into action
Regrouping atoms
Enabling traction
Beavering away by way of chemical reaction
And all it takes is faith to gain expansion

Faith that we possess the tools within
To sing a different tune
Faith that we are each one blessed
To lend caress to distant moon
Faith that we can magnetize
Whatever we wish actualized
Faith we can transcend existence through
Even when our vision skews
Given are sufficient clues
Of how to make efficient use
Of recognition due
In lieu
Need begin by doing you
Refusing to be beaten
Be the one thing proven true
Candid as to each wound deepened
Branded flesh may yet be healing
Nonetheless it’s best revealing
Senses five which thrive on feeling
Enterprise to flight adhering
Endless highs unsighted ceiling

Destiny can be invited
Redesigned progressively
Once we face the great divine’s ornate design
Take great delight in taking flight
To be the brave crusading knight
To gain the height in failing light
To paint the skies authentically

Faceless eyes
Can further see
The spatial sights of nature’s prime
Learn to breathe the air declared unerringly of native pine
Seek and find the sacred shrine
Sleep with stars and take a shine
Greet advance as chances are each heart to harden breaks in time
Only we create our lives
And where our destination lies
Aligns with innovation
As to which way we’re inclined to facing
Even when our minds are racing
We possess the tools within
According to the tune we sing
Our wings endorse migration
Once we learn to magnetize
Each wish in turn may actualize
And dreams deemed out of sight
Are primed for chasing

The law of attraction
Sees once vacant eyes dilating
As they take an oath to wage the growth
Of wild imagination
Energy essentially
Entitles exponentially
Enlightenment and foresight as to whereby might our ventures lead
Turns thoughts into action
Therefore favouring expansion
As our atoms gain great pace by way of chemical reaction
All it takes is faith to rise
To paint the skies anew
To spread our wings to span
Sing ever more romantic tune

The truth is
That the universe confides
To each of us commuting deep inside
Within our keep
A secret lies
And only time will tell
If we will seek to find the faith to break a timeless spell
Kiss the lips of native pine
Same way inclined to tell
Of where all’s well relied on to end well
Magnetize the particles
To actualize each dream
To fame the enigmatic rise
Of captive eyes
In time redeemed

With galvanized belief that we are seen
To be esteemed
That we are free
To make belief
That we’re awake
When deep asleep
That we are natives
To the theme
Pains relieved
To gain relief
Attract no back to back defeats
Cut slack
Get up and at ‘em
Split the atom
Make this sweet dream
Triple platinum
Even wide awake
The dreamer dreams
And all it takes is faith to set the scene

The law of attraction
Turns thoughts into action
Regrouping atoms
Enabling traction
Beavering away by way of chemical reaction
And all it takes is faith to gain expansion

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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