Gentleman’s Vow

Title art by Amy Wilkins

Listen to Gentleman’s Vow by Richard Charles Stevens

Listen to My Love by Blackmill

I cannot promise
You will always know my mind
But swear undying oath to speak it when requested to oblige
I cannot promise
Every word I say will be well-timed
But give my solemn word that my intentions will be kind

I cannot promise
Every day the sun is gonna shine
I cannot chase the rain away
When life leaves you resigned
However I would never dream to offer my umbrella
Unless prepared to shelter you through all terrain and weather
Keep you warm and safe inside forever
For all time
Tethered to this weathered heart of mine

I cannot tell a lie
The gray skies brighten in your wake
With reasons to make eyes at them in widening array
Should storm clouds threaten burst
Then I will be the very first on hand to break the curse and frighten them away
I cannot promise
Best laid plans will be too grand to change
But I swear blind to redesign them in thy name

I urge you take your rightful place
And perch behind the bridle reins
Traverse the earth inclined to reign
With kindliness of hand
I cannot promise
Greatest expectation to withstand
But I will raise elevation when I can

I cannot be another love
Formerly resigned
But I can help you to recover
Suffered sight
I cannot promise sunny rays
On lazy days in May
But If I may
Would give my all away to try
And should you ever fall again
Then I’d donate same all again
To pause and say
I love you baby

I cannot promise
All of me
Is right before your eyes
But you shall know
Just where to find me
At all times
I guess that’s just the artist’s way
To bleed each heartbeat onto page
Thus even when departed
There’s a part of me uncharted
And the harmony
To face the steepest climb
I therefore promise
In my keep
To see thee rise
Treasured in this ceaseless heart of mine

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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    1. I’m thrilled that you love this one, Mouse. Check it out again, it has a reading to music too now.

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