Lost Within A Melody (Virtual Reality Remix)

Lost Within a Melody has been published in All of Me Vol. VI, courtesy of Shadow Spark Publishing. Featured art is by Janine Machiedo.

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Lost within a melody
Not wishing to be found
No boundaries to dally at
No barrier to sound
Natural this habitat
For sacred are these grounds
Lost within a melody profound

Every word a stepping stone to Home as it is better known to me
Set in stone expressive tone
Directly bled from way below the bones of me
Boundless my enthusiasm for the spoken word
Turning phrases
Turning pages
Disconfirming token worth
Unswerving in faith that led me back here to the source
To all of me there’s ever been and evergreen reserves

Fraught the course of extrovert when justice is perverted
Suddenly, I’m introvert
My every thought subverted
Flirting with disaster
While averting gaze from learning aids that masquerade as end of days and devastate hereafter
Earning praise from smirking faces claiming to be master
Spurning predetermined ways to paddle any faster
Undercurrents all-embracing
Back to front when forward facing
Only words concurred of the remaster

Perched beneath the cursive tree of vast imagination
Nourished roots to sow the seeds of lasting fascination
Encouraged bleed
Relieving seething earth beneath my feet
And marvelled at the urgency of preening cultivation
Every word a stepping stone across the cut-throat rapids
Every time I wrote another furthering the habit
Had to learn one version of me purposely emphatic
Had to turn off interfering static
Find a place where I could be romantic to excess
Wine and dine the English language
Fall in love with words again
Life made perfect sense to me when everything felt dead to me
Replenishing the quill for every last drop spilled was bled from me respectfully
Emotional vasectomy no longer necessarily appealed
For here within my entropy I learned again to feel

Lost within a melody
No reason to be found
No seasons left to pass away
No pains to disavow
Natural this habitat
For sacred are these grounds
Lost within a melody profound

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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