Depth Charge To Fever Pitch (128 Trek Remix)

 Featured art by Marc Scheff

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Deep within
The hunger swims

Deep within
The hunger swims
Fortune hunters wait in the wings
Vulgar fears soak up the tears
Thrum and strum discordant strings
Headline unimportant things
And label them priority
Just to be enabling
The neighbouring majority
Sable heartstrings tangle—angle rush candle coordinates
Strangle any plans to try our hand at damn contortionists
Rough handle and mangle glands
Abandon metamorphosis
Trampling the dreams perceived to loss lead in resourcefulness

Deep within
The hunger swims
To make mute screams hot topic
Breaking the illusion that volution is ectopic
Torching the contusions then to cauterize the wounds
Resume the ends of tethers severed
Authorizing bloom
Thoughts arising strewn abiding dunes of able roam
Organizing cable rows
Normalizing stable growth
Staking claim on drained terrain
Invigorating tabled veins
Changing lanes
To name and fame prenatal brain

Deep within
The hunger swims
Shark bait to a hundred fins
Shifting like fluids this tonic solution
Permits absolution to foregone conclusion
Sun clinching
Moon winching Tsar
Inching towards every ornament scar
Pinch-hitting whispers of slips, trips and falls
Frisking the brink of residual flaws
Seeking the pitch
Setting scintillant tone
Feeding the twitches
Betwixt which it’s throned
Glitches in system
Unequipped, stripped, disowned
Redefining energizing nodes
Emphasizing enterprising eyes upon horizon
Sizing up the diamonds shining bright
Skyline revolutionised
With every heart dehumanized
Scrutinizing human guises
Quantifying light

Deep within
The hunger swims
To see the kingdom flourishing
Nourishing within the shade
Ever volunteering aide
Feeling love above the grade
Dreaming of another place entirely
Dignifying every greying cloud with silver lining
Crystallizing tears revered
Liquefying fears austere
Pioneering expedition
Engineering fresh revision
Deep within
The hunger sings
To venture to the very depths of schism
Free the mind
Decline its prison
Gleam the cube
Redeem the prism
Binding microorganisms
In too deep to beat retreat
Feasting on a banquet fit for fever pitch repeat

Deep within
The hunger swims

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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