The Boy and The Dream (Euphoria Suite)

The Boy and The Dream is companion piece to and features prose from The Girl in My Dream.

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I’ll never forget the very first time I saw her
A beauty like hers is not one you tend to forget you see
Those wide eyes of hers captured me in an instant
I the grateful prisoner
Shackled with willing
I pled guilty to first degree love long before she slipped on the manacles
She visits me each time I slumber
Tracing her fingertips across my swollen heart as she passes
The most delicate of thunders bellows inside me
Each time she catches the light
With a luminescence that burns my eyes right out of their hollows
Kissing the tears of deep red as they stream
She visits me each time I slumber
I bring her freshly picked lilies from the garden of Atlantis
Stroke the hair from her face
Would give all that I am for a single embrace
Clinging to nocturne like a young boy does his father’s hand
I never wish to wake from this dream
I could never forget her
The girl in my dream
For better or for worse
Forever hers
I am her person
For she equates the very same to me
I venture forth on rested course
Through mazing twist of trees
Alleviate the tension chords
And brace the mist with ease
While whispers graze the lifted breeze
Call her sweet name
Emitting beams
Wherein her stainless spirit breathes
Crisp as the veins of winter leaves
Which tease the trail her lips bequeath
Snowflakes leap at her bare feet
Perfuming blooming stride
I would sail the bleakest seas
To simply see her glide
Ride the waves with eyes glazed
Kiss the layered steep of tide
Plummet to the depths
To summit
Claim this peak as mine
Take the rope and climb the void
Devoid the cloak of space and time
Bestowed the smile
I’m owed
In ode to each green mile divine
Never one time snatch a breath
Hold her close and tight for every night we catch our death
Love like ours could never be bereft
Love like ours could never be denied
I could never forget her
The girl in my dream
My entire life summed up in one sentence
And then there was She
The girl in my dream
The sheltering tree beneath which I felt seen
Then compelled me to light to swell rippling tides
For the kingdom resides in her twinkling eyes
Here and there share fair prize in-between
I am hers
I am her person
As she is the same to me
Wed to veins of every bled leaf chained beneath our feet
Seamless in weave as eagerly we seize control
Of a sleep wherein deep love foretold
Secret keep to unfold
Bold and brave
Bid unfurl
To expose the famed pearl
Of the ages
With grace
Stainless streams to esteem
Wherein gaily we breathe
Whisper faith through the breeze
Rise in flame
Blaze a theme
Simply be
Love like ours could never be undreamed
Love that sees forevermore redeemed

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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  1. I love how you get to soak in the music and then ride the change of tempo with your vocals as they bring another dimension. Perfect combo of music and ayered vocals makes for an immersive nd emotive experience. Gorgeous xx

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