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The First General of Grue is already a highly regarded novelist, having received a rabid response to his maiden outing …of Tortured Faustian Slumbers and already balls deep in a second project which is primed to melt the flesh from our skulls once more. Blood flows freely from his quill, and his work is also fiercely erotic and constantly challenging. If you haven’t yet had the less than divine pleasure of experiencing his epic fable then I implore you to do just that. One chapter is all it takes to square up to you and it takes that scruff of your neck and doesn’t let go until the ink has stopped flowing. This can be said of C. William Giles’ overarching writing style. He pulls no punches, palms your jugular and then drags you away to punish you further …of Tortured Faustian Slumbers is a quite astonishing read and you can purchase it here.

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C William Giles

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