The Treasury of Verse


Within this page you will find a full A-Z of any one-off articles published by Keeper. These include fiction, introspective, poetry, spotlights and tributes. Peruse at your leisure Grueheads and look out for any Director’s Cuts. I’m always looking to freshen the archives.

#Stalker Fiction/Dark
3:10 to Zuma Fiction/Humor
8-Bits of Terror: The Pixel Massacre Fiction/Humor
10 Faces I’d Like To Punch Introspective/Satire
10 Things I Love About Grue Introspective/Tribute
15 Minutes of Shame Fiction/Humor
20 Seconds To Live Spotlight/Horror
32-Bits of Terror: Alucard’s Quest Fiction/Humor
78 Card Pick-Up COMING SOON Introspective
99 Solutions Introspective/Humor
2014: Year of The Grue Introspective/Seasonal
2015: Rise of The Grueheads Introspective/Seasonal
2016: Finding and Keeping Introspective/Seasonal
2017: Advent Introspective/Seasonal
2018: Year of the Spartan Introspective/Seasonal
5000 Miles To Graceland Introspective
A Beautiful Fucked-Up Mind: Revised Edition Introspective/Satire
A Day At The Wacky Races Fiction/Tribute
A Day in The Life: The Director’s Cut Introspective/Satire
A Eulogy to Despair Introspective/Inspirational
A Letter to My Father Introspective/Tribute
A Matter of Mind Introspective
A Mighty Fleet (Featuring Hope’s Moment by Heather Aycock) Introspective
A Most Succulent Bite out of Gladstone Tibbs Fiction/Humor
A Nekromantik Tale Fiction/Dark
A Serbian Nightmare Introspective
A Tale of Two Testicles Fiction/Humor
ABOMINATION! Fiction/Humor
Abracadabra Tribute
Access All Areas Introspective/Humor
Adventure of A Lifetime Introspective
Adventurer Wanted Fiction/Humor
Aficionado: Journal of a Gruehead Horror/Insight
Alice Does Wonderland Fiction/Erotic Fairytale
All Aboard The Human Centipede COMING SOON Fiction/Tribute
All For One Introspective/Raw
All Good Things Introspective/Satire
All Hallow’s Eve Poetry/Festive
Almost Human Introspective
An Evening With Frogger Fiction/Humor
An Ode To The Grueheads Poetry/Tribute
An Old Dog Sings The Blues Introspective
Angry Baboons Will Fuck You Introspective/Humor
Anonymous Narcotic Poetry/Dark
Anti-Social Introspective/Raw
Anton Yelchin: Stargazer Tribute
Ash’s Lament Fiction/Tribute
Attack of The Drones Introspective/Satire
Awake: Revised Edition Introspective/Humor
Baby Steps & Giant Leaps Introspective/Inspirational
Bad Blood Fiction/Dark
Bad Days & Good Vibrations Introspective/Inspirational
Baked Introspective
Bandit Manhunt Humor
Baring All ♂ Introspective
Baring All ♀ Introspective
Basket Case Blues Fiction/Tribute
Be Kind Rewind: The Director’s Cut Introspective/Satire
Believing The Hype Introspective
Bequeath Poetry/Dark
Better Chemistry Through Living Introspective/Humor
Better Man Introspective/Inspirational
Black Widow 🕷 Fiction/Dark
Blank Canvas Introspective
Bleeding Inside Introspective/Raw
Bleeding Out Introspective
Blondes Prefer Gentlemen Introspective/Satire
Blood Line: The Director’s Cut Introspective/Tribute
Blood, Sweat, Tears & Semen Introspective
Bloody Threads Binding: Revised Edition Introspective
Blue Monday: Revised Edition Introspective/Satire
Bonkers Introspective/Humor
Booty Calling: The Director’s Cut Introspective/Satire
Born Again Fiction/Humor
Boys Have A Penis, Girls Have A Vagina. Fiction/Humor
Brain Sex Fiction/Humor
Brave New World Introspective/Humor
Breadcrumbs Introspective
Breaking The Duck Introspective/Tribute
Breast Intentions Fiction/Humor
Bride of Frankenself Fiction/Humor
Bridge Over Bloodied Water: Crimson Rivers Flow Poetry
Bridge Over Bubbling Cauldron Fiction/Humor
Bring Me The Head of Justin Bieber Poetry/Humor
Bring Your Slaughter To The Daughter Poetry/Dark
Broken Bloody Wings (Take Flight) Poetry/Inspirational
Bucket or Fuck It? Introspective/Satire
C.R.A.W.L. Fiction/Tribute
Camera Shy Introspective/Humor
Camp Fright Fiction/Dark
Cannibal Abomination Fiction/Tribute
Capolavoro Fiction/ Dark
Carnival of Terror Fiction/Tribute
Carnívoro Fiction/Dark
Carrie and I Fiction/Tribute
Castaway Blues Fiction/Humor
Cataclysm: The Director’s Cut Introspective/Satire
Catch Me The Hairpiece of Donald Trump Poetry/Humor
Cat’o’Nine Lives: The Director’s Cut Introspective
Censored Introspective/Spotlight
Chairman of The Hoard Introspective/Memoir
Chasing Lazers Introspective/Tribute
Chatterbox Introspective/Humor
Chicks With Guns: The Director’s Cut Introspective/Satire
Chomp Thing Fiction/Humor
Choose Your Destiny: The Challenge Fiction/Experimental
Christine: Driven to Destruction Fiction/Tribute
Chronicle of Slumber: The Director’s Cut Introspective/Satire
Clapped in Irons: Revised Edition Introspective
Chupacabra Fiction/Dark
Cleanse Fiction
Clown: Introducing Shamus Spotlight
Clusterfuck: The Director’s Cut Introspective/Humor
Cock-a-Hoop: Revised Edition Introspective/Humor
Cometh The Fly Introspective/Humor
Come Fly With Me Introspective/Satire
Comfortable Strangers Introspective
Comfortably Numb Introspective/Raw
Confessions Introspective
Confessions of a Sex Kitten Introspective/Satire
Confessions of An All-American Cheerleader Fiction
Confessions of The Invisible Man COMING SOON Fiction/Humor
Confetti Poetry
Conquering Kilimanjaro Tribute
Conundrum: Revised Edition Introspective/Humor
Crawling 1 Dying 0 Introspective//Tribute
Creators Unite Inspirational/Introspective
Crimson Requiem: Revised Edition Introspective
Critic Introspective/Tribute
Cropsy: The Burning Within Fiction/Tribute
Crossed: The Scourge Fiction/Dark
Crumbling Under Nightmarish Truth: The Director’s Cunt Introspective/Satire
Cuckoos, Magic Carpets & Faraway Trees Introspecive/Fantasy
Curses! Foiled Again! COMING SOON Introspective/Satire
Cyberpunked Fiction/Humor
Datespeed Fiction/Humor
Date With a Human Centipede Fiction/Tribute
De Boobies: The Director’s Cut Introspective/Humor
De Moobies: The Director’s Cut Introspective/Humor
Deadline Fiction/Dark
Dead Ends and New Beginnings Introspective/Memoir
Dead Freshman’s Society Fiction/Dark
Death Loop Fiction/Dark
Decisions, Decisions Introspective/Humor
Demons! Demons! Demons! Fiction/Tribute
Desert Island Castaways: Buried Treasures Horror/Insight
Deviant’s Scrapbook: Revised Edition Introspective
Die You Alien Bitches! Tribute/Spotlight
Distant Hearts Poetry/Inspirational
Don’t Blame Dennis Fiction/Humor
Don’t Exit The Vehicle Fiction/Dark
Don’t Feed After Midnight Fiction/Tribute
Don’t Go Near The Last House By the Edge of The Woods…Alone Fiction/Dark
Doppelgänger Fiction/Dark
Dorks of The World Unite! Introspective/Humor
Dorothy Does Oz Fiction/Erotic Fairytale
Down With Law Introspective/Humor
Dracula: Banquet of The Damned Fiction/Satire
Dream Job Fiction/Humor
Eclectic: A Life in Music (2016 Remix) Introspective/Tribute
Eighties + Horror = KABOOM! Tribute/Horror
Eighties Horror: The Great Flashback Giveaway Tribute
Eighties Jamboree Introspective/Tribute
Eighties Slasher: The Definitive Cut Tribute/Horror
Eli Roth: Horror’s Great White Hope Tribute
Ellie’s Verse Fiction
Emilie Flory: A Macabre Compulsion Spotlight/Tribute
Emilie Flory: Pionnière de L’horreur Tribute/Spotlight
Empowerment: The Truest Gift Introspective
Endgames Videogame Tribute
English Psycho Fiction/Tribute
Enjoy Your Trip Introspective
Erotica and Horror: A Match Made in Hell Horror/Insight
Escape From The Eighties Introspective/Tribute
Evergreen Fiction
Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Deadpool But Were Too Chicken Shit To Ask COMING SOON Fiction/Tribute
Every Closet Has Its Monster Introspective/Satire
Everyone Loves a Kidder Tribute
Evil Twin Fiction/Dark
Exiled Poetry/Inspirational
Exorcised Fiction/Tribute
Extended Lines Poetry/Inspirational
Face or Gut? The Director’s Cut Introspective/Humor
Fade and Repeat Fiction/Dark
Faith Poetry/Inspirational
Famous Last Words Fiction/Humor
Fangs For The Memories Tribute/Horror
Fearleader Fiction/Dark
Fear is The Mindkiller: Ten Reasons Never To Sleep Again Horror/Insight
Feminia: The Director’s Cut Fiction/Humor
Fifty Shades of Crimson: The Director’s Cut Introspective/Humor
Film Buff’s Handbook Introspective
Final Girl Fiction/Tribute
First Time Introspective/Humor
Flesh and Blood: The Director’s Cut Introspective
Five Bloody Steps: Revised Edition Introspective
Flourish Poetry/Inspirational
Fly Me To Mars Introspective/Satire
Flying With Monkeys Introspective/Satire
Follow The Leader Introspective
Forbidden Banquet Fiction/Erotic
Forging a Path Introspective
For Better or For Worse aka Four Funerals & A Wedding Fiction/Dark
For Jacob Nathaniel Tribute
For Nick Tribute
For The Sake of a Soul Introspective/Inspirational
Formation: The Director’s Cut Introspective
Forward March Introspective/Inspirational
Four Horsemen Cometh Fiction/Dark
Frankenself Fiction/Humor
Frankenstein For Dummies Fiction/Humor
Frankenstein Meet Bride Fiction/Tribute
Freebird Introspective
From Chills to Spills Horror/Insight
Frozen Scream Fiction/Dark
Funny Boy Introspective/Satire
Funny Business Fiction/Humor
Funny Side Introspective/Humor
Future Proof Introspective/Humor
Games of Death: Resident Evil Videogame Tribute
Get Me Poetry
Girl on Girl: Amy’s Chicks Introspective/Sex
Girl on Girl: Anime Brides Introspective/Sex
Going Steady: Revised Edition Introspective/Satire
Going There Introspective/Humor
Goldilocks & The Three Bears: The Home Invasion Fiction/Dark Fairytale
Good Bot, Bad Bot COMING SOON Introspective/Satire
Good vs. Evil Poetry/Dark
Gosh Darn It: Thanks! Introspective/Tribute
Grue Family Ties: Revised Edition Introspective
Grue Monday Introspective/Inspirational
Hanging With Arthropods Introspective/Humor
Hangman Tree Fiction/Dark
  Hänsel and Gretel Make a Porno Fiction/Erotic Fairytale
Head Full of Horrors Horror/Insight
Head In The Clouds: A Hardcore Rave Souvenir Introspective/ Tribute
Heaven in Hell Poetry/Dark
Hell Granny Fiction/Dark
Hell Hath Fury Fiction/Dark
Heroes Introspective/Inspirational
Higher Ground Introspective/Inspirational
Him or Me? Fiction
Hirax: Brotherhood of The Black Heart Tribute/Spotlight
Honey I Shrunk Keeper: The Director’s Cut Fiction/Humor
Horror: An Idiot’s Guide Horror/Insight
Hostelized Fiction/Tribute
Hot For Teacher Fiction/Eroticom
Hot Headed Heat Introspective
House of Fun Fiction/Tribute
How About Those Nineties Introspective/Tribute
How Katrina Fell In Love With a Sea-Monster Fiction/Humor
How Keeper Got His Groove Back Introspective/Humor
How To Make an Eighties Slasher: Revised Edition Horror/Insight
How To Survive a Horror Movie Horror/Satire
Human After All Introspective
I Can Poetry/Inspirational
I Feast On Your Bones COMING SOON Fiction/Dark
I Spit On Your Goose Fiction/Humor
I Was A Teenage Zombie Fiction/Humor
I Wish, I Wish I Was Samuel L. Jackson Tribute
I’m a Mountain Poetry/Inspirational
If I Should Die Before I Wake Poetry
Ill Communication: Revised Edition Introspective
Imaginary Fiend Fiction/Humor
In Linnea We Trust: The Director’s Cut Spotlight/Tribute
In Lust We Trust: The Director’s Cut Introspective/Sex
In The Moment Fiction
Incalculable Introspective
Indigestion: Revised Edition Introspective/Humor
Inquisition: The Director’s Cut Introspective/Humor
Insta-Famous Introspective/Tribute
Invasion of the Humongous Blood-Sucking Leeches from Outer Space Introspective/Satire
Invasion of The Crawlbots Introspective/Conspiracy Theory
Is This Thing Turned On? Revised Edition Introspective/Raw
Iskra Unmuted Spotlight
It’s My Party Fiction/Dark
Jigsaw’s Puzzle Fiction/Tribute
Judgement Calls Introspective
Kaleb Tholen: Kindred Spotlight
Keeper and The Candyman Fiction/Tribute
Keeper and The Crate Introspective/Fiction
Keeper in The Crashpalace Interview
Keeper vs. Bieber Fiction/Humor
Keeper vs. Keeper Fiction/Humor
Keeper’s Exclusive Interview with C. William Giles Spotlight
Keeper’s Grue Banquet: The Director’s Cut Introspective/Tribute
Keeper’s Festive Finders: Revised Edition Introspective/Humor
Keeper’s L.A. Story Introspective
Keeper’s Mindfuck Carnival:The Director’s Cut Introspective/Interactive
Keeper’s Movie Mirages #1 Humor
Kiss My Jaws Fiction/Tribute
Know. Show. Grow. Introspective
Krazy (Starring Kreepazoid Kelly) Spotlight
LSD 101: Walking The Wild Introspective
Laughing Out Loud: A Tribute to Eighties Comedy Introspective/Tribute
Let’s Talk About Sex Introspective/Satire
Letters Fiction/Erotic
Life & Other Lessons COMING SOON Introspective
Life of a Scribe Introspective
Life After Cornelius Fiction/Humor
Light or Dark: Your Choice? Introspective
Little Miss Muffet 2: Further Tales From The Tuffet Fiction/Erotic Fairytale
Little Red Riding Hood 2: Cries of The Wolf Fiction/Erotic Fairytale
Living Dead Girl Poetry/Dark
Living in Shadows Introspective
Loaded Questions: Revised Edition Horror/Q&A
Lost & Found Introspective/Tribute
Love Bleeds: The Director’s Cut Introspective/Tribute
Love Hate Love Introspective
Love or Die Introspective
Loving 1 Fighting 0 Introspective
Lucky Fiction/Humor
Lucky 7’s Introspective
Lucky Man Introspective
Lullaby of the Damned Poetry/Dark
Lurker Fiction/Dark
Mad Carnival: Call of The Cloyne Fiction/Dark
Mad World Introspective/Humor
Magic Carpet Ride Fiction/Humor
Make Yourself Introspective
Making Conversation Introspective/Humor
Malpractice Fiction/Dark
Mama Said Fight The Power Introspective/Tribute
Man or Bandicoot? Fiction/Humor
Man or Mouse? Introspective/Humor
Mares, Scares, & Cheddar: Revised Edition Introspective/Satire
Marooned Fiction/Humor
Mating Games: The Director’s Cut Introspective/Humor
Matt Horwich: Multiverse Surfer Spotlight
Mediabolical Introspective/Humor
Meeting John Amplas Tribute
Meltdown Introspective/Humor
Mental Health & Me Introspective/Raw
Mesh of Flesh: The Director’s Cut Introspective/Sex
Mindscapes Introspective
Miss TEASE! ★ Fiction
Monkey Business 🍌 Introspective/Humor
Moving Forwards Introspective
Much Ado Without Bluffing Introspective/Motivational
Mutation Introspective/Humor
My Friend The Warrior Tribute
My Friends Are All Dead and I’m Next Fiction/Dark
My Ghoul Fiction/Tribute
Naked Flames: The Blazing Soul Introspective
Narnia: A Delight Most Dubious Fiction/Dark Fairytale
Needles Introspective
Night Cap Fiction/Humor
Night of the Comet: The Reunion Fiction/Tribute
Night of The Screaming Co-Eds Fiction/Dark
Night Terrors Fiction/Dark
No Cigar Introspective/Raw
No Place Like Home Introspective/Inspirational
Nostalgia & Chianti: Revised Edition Introspective
Novocained Fiction/Humor
Now You See Me Introspective
Off With His Head Fiction/Humor
Oh No, It’s Ren & Stimpy Fiction/Humor
Oh The Horror! Introspective/Tribute
Ola El Lecheroso Bandito Introspective/Satire
Once More Down The Rabbit Hole Introspective/Raw
One Chance Forever (We Shall Hold) Poetry/Inspirational
One Flew Into The Cuckoo’s Nest: Revised Edition Introspective
One Look Poetry/Inspirational
Orgasmatropolis Introspective/Sex
Otherworldly Fiction/Sci-Fi
Ouija Fiction/Dark
Out of My Head Interview
Over Fiction
Overdrive Fiction/Tribute
Overnight Fiction/Dark
Perfectly Ten: The Director’s Cut Introspective
Penny For My Thoughts Introspective
Pig Fiction/Dark
Places in My Mind Humor
Plain High Drifter: The Director’s Cut Introspective
Platforming Spotlight
Platinum Bars: 100 Mile Salute Poetry/Humor
Plexus Fiction/Interactive
Pluck Me The Feathers of Miley Cyrus Poetry/Humor
POISON ☠ Introspective/Humor
Poo: A Game of Thrones Introspective/Satire
Postcards From Vice City Fiction/Tribute
Power Shower Fiction/Erotic
Pride in The Shame Game Introspective/Satire
Prophecy Fiction/Dark
Pulling Shapes Introspective/Tribute
Push It To The Limit Introspective/Inspirational
Radio Killed The Video Store Introspective/Tribute
Rags To Rags & Other Riches Introspective/Humor
Raising the Bar Introspective
Ravage COMING SOON Fiction/Erotic
Re-Animation Fiction/Tribute
Read My Mind Introspective/Humor
Reboot Horror/Insight
Recollections of My Time as Street Algae: Revised Edition Introspective/Humor
Reptile Dysfunction Fiction/Humor
Retro vs. Hereafter Introspective/Humor
Return To The Palace Interview
Richard vs. The Chimp
Ride Or Die Fiction/Humor
Road To Somewhere Introspective/Inspirational
Rockin’ The Robin: The Director’s Cut Introspective/Humor
Romero: Godfather of The Dead Tribute
Ronda Rousey: Delectable Destroyer Spotlight
Ron Burgundy: The Man, The Myth, The Balls Fiction/Humor
Saara Aalto: Snow Fairy ❄ Spotlight
Sada Vidoo: Rise of The Living Doll 🎭 Spotlight
Salut: Revised Edition Introspective/Tribute
Satan’s Little Helper Fiction/Humor
Scared Yet? Introspective/Tribute
Scars Heal (as Blood Spills) Introspective
Scatter Brain: The Director’s Cut Introspective/Satire
Science is Weird Fiction/Humor
Scooby-Doo & The Curse of Bloodstone Manor COMING SOON Fiction/Tribute
Screaming on Mute Introspective
Season’s Grue Things Introspective/Humor
Serpents & Rainbows Introspective/Raw
Sex and Other Body Parts Introspective/Sex
Sex, Grue & Glockenspiels Introspective
Sex Sells, Genitals Smell Introspective/Sex
Shadow Meets Keeper Spotlight/Q&A
Shadow of Kilimanjaro Tribute
Shawshanked! Fiction/Tribute
Shopping For Sanity: The Director’s Cut Introspective/Satire
Should Memory Serve Introspective/Humor
Shuffling With Zombies Horror/Insight
Silence Introspective
Simpat Beshirian: Severed Spotlight
Sin First, Repent Later Introspective/Humor
Six Feet Deep Poetry/Dark
Six Million Ways to Die Horror/Insight
Slash Bash Fiction/Tribute
Slasher Fiction/Dark
Sleepwalking Fiction/Tribute
Slippery When Wet Introspective/Humor
Sloan Vicious: Ravished Fiction/Dark
Something From Nothing Introspective/Humor
Snakes & Ladders Introspective
Soul Search Introspective/Inspirational
Space Cadet Introspective/Humor
Sparking The Fuse Introspective
Spencer Gray: One Sick Piggy COMING SOON Spotlight
Spook Show Introspective/Humor
Star Wars: Awakening The Force Introspective/Tribute
Star Wars: Keeper vs. Vader Fiction/Tribute
Stick It To The Man! Fiction/Dark
Straight Outta Corringham Introspective/Humor
Stupid Is As Stupid Does Introspective/Humor
Subway Fiction/Dark
Summer Camp Fiction/Tribute
Sünny Side Üp Introspective/Humor
Surviving Seymour-Hoffman Tribute
Swamp Thing Must Die Fiction/Humor
Sweet Dreams Fiction/Humor
Sympathy For Devils Introspective
Take Me To Your Leader Fiction/Humor
Talk Or Die COMING SOON Fiction/Dark
Talking Head Fiction/Humor
Talking To Myself Introspective/Inspirational
Tarantino Unchained Tribute
Tears of a Clown Poetry/Dark
Teetering Introspective
Ten-Minute Bloodbath Fiction/Dark
Tenebrous Poetry/Dark
Ten Minute Waltz Introspective
Terrorizer Fiction/Dark
That’s So Cliché Introspective/Satire
The ABCs of Grue Introspective/Humor
The Amplas Effect Tribute/Spotlight
The Anger Games Introspective/Satire
The AnnThraxx Epidemic Tribute/Spotlight
The Anti-Social Network Introspective/Raw
The Art of Hell-Raising Fiction/Dark
The Ballad of Barbara Bloch Poetry/Dark
The Banquet COMING SOON Introspective/Tribute
The Big What If? Introspective/Humor
The Bonus Brain Hypothesis Introspective/Satire
The Camel Toe Complex Introspective/Humor
The Convoluted Passageway Introspective
The Cupid Conjecture Introspective/Coming Of Age
The Current Alternation Introspective/Inspirational
The Cynic Introspective/Humor
The Dare Devil Fiction/Humor
The Darkest Recess of My Lair Poetry/Dark
The Day The World Stopped Fiction/Dark
The Denial of Donald Treseden Poetry/Dark
The Devil’s Advocate Fiction/Humor
The Diversity Persuasion Introspective/Inspirational
The Emily Debacle Fiction/Humor
The Euphony of Sweet Jaybird Poetry/Inspirational
The Ever Complex Puzzle of The Mind Poetry
The Fall & Rise of Personal Heroes Tribute
The Festive Folly of Fran Beckett Fiction/Dark
The Fungus Among Us Introspective/Humor
The Gag Horror/Tribute
The Good, The Bad and The Living Dead Fiction/Humor
The Great Escape Introspective/Raw
The Great Human Condition Introspective/Satire
The Greatest Nightclub on Earth Intospective/Satire
The Happy Ending Fiction/Erotic
The Hecklers Introspective/Satire
The Horrors Fiction
The “I” in Team Tribute
The Ice Cream Van From Hell Fiction/Dark
The Importance of Idle Hands Introspective/Humor
The Jesus Hitler Debacle Introspective
The Keep Introspective
The Keeper Experience Introspective
The Last Dance Fiction
The Last Supper Fiction/Dark
The Last Temptation of Keeper Introspective/Fiction
The Last Waltz Fiction
The Laughter Tonic Introspective
The Leading Man Nobody Knew Introspective/Satire
The Legacy Confabulation Introspective/Inspirational
The Lost Art of Intimacy Introspective/Inspirational
The Luckiest Guy on Earth Introspective/Raw
The Magician Fiction/Humor
The Morning After… Fiction/Humor
The Muppet Dead Fiction/Tribute
The Night Before Christmas Poetry/Seasonal
The Opinionation Supposition Introspective/Humor
The Optimist Introspective/Humor
The Quench: Eternity’s Kiss Fiction/Dark
The Reveal: Keeper Edition Introspective
The Reveal: Scarlet Edition Introspective
The Sanity Clause Poetry
The Schrödinger Theorem Introspective/Theory
The Sluggish Demise of Cornelius Humor
The Springbok, The Gibbon & The Frisky Canine Introspective/Humor
The Stocking Filler Fiction/Humor
The Trip: A Reflection in Technicolor Introspective/Intense
The Upskirt Files Introspective/Humor
The Weird & The Wonderful Introspective/Humor
The World Through My Eyes COMING SOON Introspective
The Wretched Fortunes of Sven The Impaler Humor
The XXX Factor Introspective/Sex
The Young & The Dead Introspective/Humor
Then & Now Introspective/Humor
Time Flies Poetry
Tobe Hooper: Master of Horror Tribute
To Bleed or Not to Bleed? Introspective
To Probe Or Not To Probe Fiction/Humor
To Therapy & Beyond Fiction/Humor
Traumatique Poetry/Dark
Trauma Dolls: The Initiation Tribute/Spotlight
Trauma Dolls: The Evolution Tribute/Spotlight
Trauma Dolls: Flatline Fiction/Dark
Trauma Dolls: Uprising Tribute/Spotlight
Trial and Error Poetry
Tricks and Treats: The Director’s Cut Tribute/Festive
Tripping on Sunshine Introspective/Sex
Trollers Gonna Troll Introspective
True Grue: Ingredients Introspective
Trumped Political
Tug ‘o’ War Introspective
Twilight Journal Fiction
Twilight of The Dead Fiction/Humor
Twisted Nativity: The Director’s Cut Introspective/Satire
Twittered Introspective/Humor
Uncomfortably Numb: Trapped in My Shell Poetry/Dark
Unholy War COMING SOON Fiction/Humor
United We Slay Tribute/Spotlight
Unsaid Introspective
Up, Down & Everywhere In-Between Introspective
Valentine Bluff Fiction/Dark
Verm Fiction/Dark
Vice: A User’s Tale Introspective
Videos & Nasties Insight/Horror
Vive Le Battle Cry: The Director’s Cut Introspective/Satire
Voodelirium Fiction/Humor
Waiting For Salvation Introspective/Humor
Waiting To Die Introspective
Waiting To Live Introspective
Waking Up in Tromaville Fiction/Humor
Walking The Line: Dungeon Siege Introspective/Sex
Walking The Line: Proving Grounds Introspective/Sex
Walking The Rose Trail Inrospective/Inspirational
War of the Crimson Roses Introspective
Watch The Magic Pumpkin Tribute/Festive
WE. ARE. SPARTAN. ⚔️ Battle Cry
We Are Enough Poetry/Introspective
We Need To Talk About Skeletor COMING SOON Fiction/Tribute
Weirdos From Another Planet! Fiction/Humor
Wes Craven: Nightmare Maker Tribute
What’s The Worst That Could Happen? Introspective/Humor
Whatever Happened To Acid? Introspective/Tribute
Whatever Happened To Frankenself’s Baby? COMING SOON Fiction/Humor
What’s in The Box? Fiction/Dark
What Do You See? Poetry
What Is Love Anyhoots? Introspective/Satire
When Hart Met Marcus Spotlight
When Quill Met Quigley Spotlight
Where Am I & How The Fuck Did I get Here? Introspective/Satire
Who The Hell is Adam Ginsberg? Tribute/Spotlight
Wired For Sound ♫ COMING SOON Tribute
Witches Brew Poetry/Festive
With You Poetry
Women in Uniform Introspective/Humor
Words Count Introspective
Words Play I Say Introspective/Humor
Writing 101 Introspective
Xtro-Terrestrial Fiction/Tribute
You, Me And Beetlejuice Fiction/Tribute
Zenith Poetry/Inspirational
Zombieber Fiction/Humor
Zombies Ate My Smart Phone Fiction/Humor


Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of the Crimson Quill


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