Poetry (Light)

Welcome to the very nucleus of my most fertile conception. Here you will find a collection of poetry fused from the light of my deepest soul. Not all of the verse within exudes light. Yet, one thing unmistakable is the beautiful, honesty of each write. Including carefully selected art, both chosen audio and live narration, and essence from the deepest soul of a poet. Please accept my blessing to follow the trail of silvery ivy veins below to very nerve center of my creation. And heal with me.

1001 Reasons
A Crazy Case of Cranial Contortion
A Father’s Pride
A Friend, Indeed
A Fresh Sunrise
A Journeyman’s Tale
A Smashing Story of Morning Glory
A Walk in Potter’s Field
A Waltz Through The Fays

A Wonderland To Plunder
Always Love
Always Tomorrow
Angel Eyes

Arose For Audrey
At Height of The Mast
Be Blessed
Beggars, Fools and Thieves
Beneath The Mangrove Tree
Blanc (Blessèd White Tear)
Bled For She
Breath Control
Bridge Over Bloodied Water
Butterfly Kiss
Candy Rush
Carousel of Courage
Changing Lanes
Chasing Angels
Chasing Brave
Cold Front
Dance of the Blue Soul
Darkness Incomplete
Daydream of Believers
Dear Keeper
Don’t Sweat It
Dreamers Imagine
Dream To Catch
Dying of The Light
Eden Found
Eternity Reprised

Fetching Recollection
Finder’s Keeper
Five-Minute Pilgrimage
Forever Scene

Four Skins
Friendship — In Reflection
From Lion – to Mouse
From Now Unto Ever
Gateway to Gaia
Gossamer & Ash Eloquence
Grave Mistake
Heart of Hearts
Heaven Scent
Heros Meum
Hymn of The Hummingbird
I Can
If I Should Die Before I Wake
Immaculately High
Inside Our World
Inspiration and the Greatest Truth
Inspiration of the Knave

Island of The Seen
Jagged Little Quill
Journey of The Seen
Keeper To My Soul

Lady of The Sea
Last Gasp Hurrah
Last Man Standing
Lay With Me
Leaves of Centurai
Life Made Me A Lion
Lilith’s Song
Lion Heart
Looking Glass 
Lost, Little Girl – Found
Lucky Star
Malice in Wonderland
Masterpiece in Living Colour
Meets The Eye
Mermaid’s Minuet
Mia Mona Lisa
Monster’s Ball
Never Alone
Never Before

Nocturnal Symphony
Ode To Despair
Ode To Spring
Of Learned Eyes
Of Viking Brave
Once a Hero
One Knowing Glance
One Small Deed, In Kind
Only Love
Painted Skies
Pink Lemonade
rabbit hOle
Requested Leave of Senses
River of Relative Ease


Safe From Harm
Salút—gaze of the corvid
Secrets of the Moon
Secundum Sensum
Skyline Crack’d
Slumber Tale
Starry Eyes Divine
Starter For One
Story To Be Told
Switchblade Symphony
Taproot—Utensils of Midas
Tears of a Clown
Tears of The Blind
The Ballad of Barbara Bloch
The Blessing of Bedlam
The Blind Sight Theory
The Boy and The Raven
The Divine Death of Romance
The Duty of Self
The Elegant Gown
The End and I
The Ever Complex Puzzle of The Mind
The Flourishing
The Gentle Thief
The Girl With The Universe In Her Eyes
The Greatest Truth
The Handsome Hovel and Other Novel Phantoms
The Hopeful Verse
The Illustrious Dance of Perchance
The Infinite Psalm
The Kindly Butterfly
The Lark and The Owl
The Lion and The Lioness
The Lion, The Mouse, and The Lion
The Lonesome Fate of Hatred
The Oblivion Dominion
The Omnipotent Tree
The Ornate Sound of Progress
The Quiet Man
The Resonance of Dream
The Sanity Clause
The Unfamiliar Mist
The Visitation
Theatre Most Bizarre
Time flies
To Be Alice
To One Unending
To The Ballroom, Bled
Tomorrow’s Best
Treasures of The Deep
True Moon

Truth Be Ours
Turning Tide to Distant Lights

Unconditionally, Me

Undeniably She
What Do You See?
Whence Darkness Falls
Whence Dawn Mists Rise
Whence Tomorrow Came
Whispers Through the Chrysalis


Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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