Poetry (Shadow)


Welcome to the very nucleus of my most fertile conception. Here you will find a collection of poetry fused from the shadows of my bones. Not all of the verse within is dark. Yet, one thing unmistakable is the brutal, yet beautiful, honesty of each write. Including carefully selected art, both chosen audio and live readings, and essence from the deepest soul of a poet. Please accept my blessing to follow the trail of silvery ivy veins below to very nerve center of my creation. And come bleed with me.

300 Reign
A Bazaar Macabre
A Duty to Brutality
A Lion’s Fable
A Matter of Life and of Death – From Beginning To End
A Method Piece in Abject Madness
A Most Timely Communion
A River, It Runs Through
A Secret to Keep
A Shot of Therapy
A Wolf Decomposing
About Face: Rise, Revolt, Reclaim, Reconstruct!
Advent of Infinite Spring
Aeons For Crayons
AK-47 is my Address, Dial 187 if it’s Crucial
Allegro from the Soul
amende honorable
And So It Begins… An Introduction to Lucie’s Angels
Another Time, Another Place
Antithesis of Hatred
As Archangels Fell
As Legend Would Have It
Audentes fortuna iuvat
Ballad of Black Dahlia 
Ballad of The Black Eagle
Ballad of The Black Sheep
Ballad of the Blood Moon
Ballistic Linguistics
Band of Lovers
Barefoot Down The Avenue
Barefoot Soliloquy
Beast-Like Mentality
Beneath The Pale Moon
Blessèd Be Thy Curse
Blessèd Be Thy Wake
Bloody Murder
Bombs Away

Breaking Charade

Bride of Spring
Bring The Slaughter To Your Daughter
Brutally Slain
Bullet Train
Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker
carpe diem – carpe noctem
Chasing Tequila Sunrise
Chronic To The Tonic
Cleopatra’s Eyes
Coast Roast
Coffin Birth
Colombian Necktie
Come Darkness
Come Darkness – Enlighten
Come, One Fine Day
Come Shot
Confession of an Altar Boy
Comfortably Monkey
Contradiction in A-F Minor
Courting Madness
Cunt Full of Shrapnel
Damaged. Somewhat.
Damned If We Don’t
Dance of the Blue Soul
Death Technician
Death Technician: Breach
Death Technician: Devils Detail
Deep Into The Marrow – I Am Salvation
Deeper Than Skin
Definition of a Martyr
Demon Puppet
Departure To Arrival
Dervishes Are Plentiful
Devil in a Head Dress
Devil of a Shout
Devils Masquerade
Devils Surrogate
Devour the Divine
Diss Illusion
Dramatically Grammatical
Drum Roll
Duck Soup
Every 6 Can Play 9
F.Y.I. (Free Your Intelligence)
Fade to Grey
femina regem
Fortunately Outrageous
From Winter To Spring
Genocide Exemplified
Gentle Rebel
Gory Love
Gossamer Gone Rogue
Greek Tragedy
Heart on a String
Heavy as She Bleeds
Hereby Cometh The Fall

Holler (For a Head Count)
Honestly Brutal
Host Toast
Hung Jury
Hymn of Wasted Faith
I’ll Be Damned
I’m a Lion, Hear me ROAR!
Identity Parade
In Fine Decay
In Loving Devilry
In the Realm of Inner Senses
In The Stillness of The Garden
In The Twilight, On This Day
Into the Heart of My Own Darkness
Jericho Falls
Johnny Got Angry
Juxtaposition of The Membrane
Kamikaze Baptism
Kiss of Life
Last Train, First Light
Lick and a Promise
Living Dead Girl

Lost Verse of Legion
Lullaby of The Butterfly
Many Shades of Nothing
Metaphor for Something a Little More Cliché
miserere meus – fortis meus
Mortality & Other Pastimes
Murdering The Dark
Murder Picnic [3]: Of Angels and Demons
Murder Picnic [2]: To the Manor Bled
Murder Picnic [1]: Twinbear Masterpieces
My Own Private Chernobyl
New Moon Lullaby
No God
No Great Science
No Illusion
Nobody Fucks With Baby
Nolite Timere
Not Just Another Album Track
Ode to Inspiration – In a Sentence
Ode To Raven
Of Cosmos Learned
Once More to the Breach
One Last Wish Before Dying
On This Fine Day
Origins of Transcendency

Paper Plane
PassiOn kill
Persephone’s Song
Per Angusta Ad Augusta
Pop Stand
Portrait in Broken Glass
Power of Two
Preachin’ for the Reach-around
Private Ecstasy
Psychoanalyze This
Psychosomatic Schematics
Pure Love and Just That
Pussy Whip
Rabbit & Lion
Rabbit & Lion – Fusion
Rabbit & Lion – Genesis
Ravens Cry
Really Off The Grid
Rebels Without Applause
Redemption of the Blind Apostle
Redistortion of The Divine Proportion
Red Moon Rising
Relapse of a Fractured Blade
Repin’ the Hood
Requiem of Dreams
Rivers of The Frail, Prevail
Room With No View

ruffrider: Cimmerian Shade
ruffrider: Vanishing Point
Runnin’ With The Shooter
Said King to Pawn
Sanctified Dissension
Sapere aude
Seafaring Eyes
Shepherds to Black Sheep
Signature Design
Sin City Sleepover
Sirens Encore
Six Million Ways To Play Dead
Slightly Ectopic
Spinning the Cycle
Spitting Atom
Strange (In A Way)
Strange Love Doctor or: How I Learned To Stop Scurrying and Love The Rewire
Suddenly, Last Winter
Suspiriorum Waltz
Sweet Mary Jane
Sweet Memories of You
Tea and Propaganda
Tears of The Christ
Tender Dismemberment
Tender Loving Murder
Tender Remembrance
Tenebris – A Kiss Worth Dying For

Test Tube Dream
The Accidental Miracle
The Androgynous Coalition
The Androgynous Strain
The Beautiful Death
The Black Light District
The Butcher & The Mortician
The Collector
The Cursed Verse
The Dirty Lowdown on High-Wire Acts
The Everlasting Fable
The Exorcism Schism
The Fanatic
The Fucking New Shit!
The Ghost in the Tree
The Girl in My Dream
The Graceful Touch of Saint
The Immortal – She
The Infinite Love Ode
The Lamenting Keepsake
The Long and Winding Staircase
The Museum That is I
the night He comes back home
The Paradox of Circadia
The Ripper
The Technicolor Threshold: Consciousness & Divinity, Synchronous
The Tender Riot of Rebirth
The Tide – It Doth Rise
The Time I Saw a Raven Cry
The Time I Felt the Angels Cry
The Timeless Tale
The Torchbearer’s Song
The True Blue
The Uncanny Yarn of Monsieur Heureux
The Venus Intravenous
The Visitor [1]
The Visitor [3]: Matinée
The Visitor [2]: Return
The Warrior Ethos
The Wilting Rose in the Briar Patch
The Wound Man
Theater of The Absurd
There’s Always Sodomy
Thousand Deaths of a Mannequin
Through the Tempest
To Life – Within Death
To the Infinite – Damned
To the Widow, A Chamber
To Universe, With Regards – The Soul
To Valhalla – With Brave
Toast To The Host
Triple On The Rocks
Trouble On The Mind
Twin Nebula
Ultimatum of The Holy Man
Unending Testament
Unfinished Eulogy
Veni Tenebris
Venus in Heels
Versification of the Haunted
Villanelle—to Kiss and Tell
Voyage of Everlong
Wake The Phoenix
Walking on Black Ice
War on Human Error
Waxing Candles
We Are The Design
Whencesoever I Roam, Be That Home
Whitechapel Nights
Wits, Fits and Blooper Reels
You Will See Us

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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