Welcome, to my Treasury of Verse. Here you will find an entire catalogue of prose published since 2013, when I first commenced writing under the pseudonym of Keeper. There are a wide array of treasures in this particular vault, some of which are fiction, others poetry, and of course the introspective pieces which I have become known for over the past few years. Views and opinions may well have changed during that time, some considerably.

However, every last one of these works was delivered straight from the soul at the time of writing and, as a proud journeyman, I feel it important to chart my artistic trajectory as I have battled numerous inner demons and finally arrived at the realization that they’ve been leading me down the left-hand path for a very distinct reason. I trust you will enjoy your time here and remind you that quality control is a massive thing for a perfectionist like myself. My wish has always been to engage the reader using every last tool at my disposal. And every last beat of my bloody heart must be left there on parchment. Now, let’s bleed together shall we?

3:10 to Zuma
10 Faces I’d Like To Punch
10 Things I Love About Grue
15 Minutes of Shame
78 Card Pick-Up 
99 Solutions 
A Beautiful Fucked-Up Mind
A Day At The Wacky Races
A Matter of Mind 
A Mighty Fleet 
A Nekromantik Tale
A Royal Bloody Rumble

A Serbian Nightmare
A Tale of Two Testicles
Access All Areas 
Adventure of A Lifetime 
Adventurer Wanted
Aficionado: Journal of a Gruehead

Alice Does Wonderland 
All Aboard The Human Centipede
Almost Human
Amityville: Homecoming

An Evening With Frogger 
An Ode To The Grueheads 
An Old Dog Sings The Blues
and then there was She – deus magnus

Angel in My View
Angry Baboons Will Fuck You 
Anton Yelchin: Stargazer
Ash’s Lament 
Attack of The Drones 
Baby Steps & Giant Leaps 
Bad Blood 
Bad Days & Good Vibrations
Bandit Manhunt 
Basket Case Blues 
Battle of the Bust
Be Kind Rewind
Better Chemistry Through Living 
Better Man
Beware The Wolves

Beyond the Battle of the Bust
Black Widow 
Blank Canvas
Bleeding Out
Blondes Prefer Gentlemen 
Blood Line
Blue-Eyed Boy
Blue Monday 
Booty Calling 
Born Again 
Boys Have A Penis, Girls Have A Vagina. 
Brain Sex 
Brave New World 
Breast Intentions
Bridge Over Bubbling Cauldron 
Bucket or Fuck It? 
Camera Shy 
Camp Fright 
Cannibal Abomination 
Carrie and I 
Castaway Blues 
Castlevania: Alucard’s Quest 
Cat’o’Nine Lives 
Chairman of The Hoard
Chicks With Guns 
Chomp Thing
Choose Your Destiny: The Challenge 
Christine: Driven to Destruction 
Chronicle of Slumber
Cometh The Fly
Come Fly With Me
Comfortable Strangers 
Comfortably Numb
Confessions of a Sex Kitten 
Confessions of An All-American Cheerleader 
Confessions of The Invisible Man 
Conquering Kilimanjaro 
Crawling Sure Beats Dying 
Creators Unite 
Crimson Requiem 
Cropsy: The Burning Within 
Crossed: The Scourge 
Crumbling Under Nightmarish Truth
Crystalline Heart

Cuckoos, Magic Carpets & Faraway Trees 
Curses, Foiled Again! 
Dark Matters

Date With a Human Centipede 
Dead Ends and New Beginnings 
Dead Freshman’s Society 
Death Loop 
Decisions, Decisions
Deep Skin

Demons! Demons! Demons!
Desert Island Castaways
Die You Alien Bitches!
Don’t Blame Dennis 
Don’t Feed After Midnight 
Don’t Go Near The Last House By the Edge of The Woods… Alone
Dorks of The World Unite! 
Dorothy Does Oz 
Down With Law 
Dracula: Banquet of The Damned 
Dream Job
Eclectic: A Life in Music 
Eighties + Horror = KABOOM! 
Eighties Horror: The Great Flashback Giveaway 
Eighties Slasher: The Definitive Cut 
Eli Roth: Horror’s Great White Hope 
Ellie’s Verse 
English Psycho 
Enjoy Your Trip 
Escape From The Eighties
Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Deadpool But Were Too Chicken Shit To Ask 
Every Closet Has Its Monster
Everyone Loves a Kidder 
Face or Gut? 
Famous Last Words 
Fangs For The Memories
Fear is The Mindkiller
Fifty Shades of Crimson

Final Girl 
First Time
Flying With Monkeys 
Follow The Leader
Four Funerals & A Wedding
Forbidden Testament

For The Sake of a Soul 
Frankenstein For Dummies 
Frankenstein Meet Bride 
From Chills to Spills
From Lion – to Mouse
Fudging Judgement
Funny Boy 
Funny Business 
Future Proof 
Games of Death: Resident Evil
Going There
Goldilocks & The Three Bears: The Home Invasion 
Good Bot, Bad Bot 
Good Shit! 
Gosh Darn It: Thanks!
Gossamer & Ash Eloquence

Grue Monday 
Hanging With Arthropods 
Hangman Tree 
  Hänsel and Gretel Make a Porno
Head Full of Horrors 
Head In The Clouds: A Hardcore Rave Souvenir
Heaven Scent

Hell Granny 
Hell Hath Fury
Higher Ground 
Him or Me? 
Hirax: Brotherhood of The Black Heart 
Honey I Shrunk Keeper 
Horror: An Idiot’s Guide 
Hot For Teacher 
House of Fun 
How About Those Nineties 
How Katrina Fell In Love With a Sea-Monster 
How Keeper Got His Groove Back 
How To Make an Eighties Slasher 
How To Survive a Horror Movie 
Human After All
I Feast On Your Bones 
I Spit On Your Goose 
I Was A Teenage Deadhead
I Wish, I Wish I Was Samuel L. Jackson
Ill Communication 
Imaginary Fiend
In Linnea We Trust 
In The Moment 
Invasion of the Humongous Blood-Sucking Leeches from Outer Space 
Invasion of The Crawlbots 
Iskra Unmuted
It’s My Party
Jigsaw’s Puzzle  
Kaleb Tholen: Kindred 
Keeper and The Candyman 
Keeper and The Crate
Keeper vs. Bieber 
Keeper vs. Keeper 
Keeper’s Grue Banquet 
Keeper’s Mindfuck Carnival
Killing The Negative
Kings & Queens
Kiss My Jaws 

LSD 101: Walking The Wild  
Laughing Out Loud: A Tribute to Eighties Comedy 
Life & Other Lessons 
Life of a Scribe 
Life After Cornelius
Literally Speaking

Little Miss Muffet: Tales From The Tuffet 
Little Red Riding Hood: Cries of The Wolf 
Loaded Questions
Lost & Found
Love Bleeds
Love Strikes Back

Lucky? Like Fuck 
Lucky 7’s 
Mad Carnival: Call of The Cloyne
Magic Carpet Ride
Making Conversation
Man or Bandicoot?
Man or Mouse?
Map of the Stars
Mares, Scares, & Cheddar
Mating Games
Matt Horwich: Multiverse Surfer
Meet The Butcher
Meeting John Amplas
Mental Health & Me
Monkey Business
Much Ado Without Bluffing
My Brother, The Brave
My Friends Are All Dead and I’m Next
My Ghoul
Narnia: A Delight Most Dubious
Night Cap
Night of the Comet: The Reunion
Night of The Screaming Co-Eds
No Place Like Home
Nostalgia & Chianti
Now You See Me
Off With His Head
Oh No, It’s Ren & Stimpy
Oh The Horror!
Once More Down The Rabbit Hole
One Down the Rabbit Hole
One Flew Into The Cuckoo’s Nest
Only Safe Place Remains
Out of The Darkness
Parables From a Shot Glass
Pass Me The Valium (Starring valiumfreak)

Perfectly Ten
Places in My Mind
Plain High Drifter
Postcards From Vice City
Power Shower
Precious Things
Pride in The Shame Game
Push It To The Limit
Rags To Rags & Other Riches
Read My Mind
Recollections of My Time as Street Algae
Reptile Dysfunction
Retro vs. Hereafter
Richard vs. The Chimp
Ride Or Die
Rivers of Me, Rivers of You
Road To Somewhere
Romero: Godfather of The Dead
Ronda Rousey: Delectable Destroyer
Ron Burgundy: The Man, The Myth, The Balls
Saara Aalto: Snow Fairy
Sada Vidoo: Rise of The Living Doll
Satan’s Little Helper
Scared Yet?
Scatter Brain
Science is Weird
Scooby-Doo & The Curse of Bloodstone Manor
Season’s Grue Things
See Me
Sex Sells, Genitals Smell
Shadow of Kilimanjaro
Shadow Play
Should Memory Serve
Shuffling With Zombies
Simpat Beshirian: Severed
Sin First, Repent Later
Six Million Ways to Die
Slash Bash
Slippery When Wet
Sloan Vicious: Ravished
Snakes & Ladders
Something From Nothing

Soul Search
Space Cadet
Spook Show
Star Wars: Awakening The Force
Star Wars: Keeper vs. Vader
Stick It To The Man!
Straight Outta Corringham
Stupid Is As Stupid Does
Summer Camp
Sünny Side Üp
Swamp Thing Must Die
Sweet Dreams
Switching Channels
Sympathy For Devils
Take Me To Your Leader
Talk Or Die
Talking Head
Tarantino Unchained
Ten Minute Bloodbath
Thank You Sir, Thank You
That’s So Cliché
The ABCs of Grue
The Amplas Effect
The Anger Games
The Anti-Social Network
The Art inFusion
The Art of Hell-Raising
The Banquet
The Big What If?
The Bonus Brain Hypothesis
The Camel Toe Complex
The Convoluted Passageway
The Court of Madness
The Cupid Conjecture
The Current Alternation
The Cynic
The Dare Devil
The Day The World Stopped
The Denial of Donald Treseden
The Devil’s Advocate
The Diversity Persuasion
The Emily Debacle
The Ensō Theorem
The Evergreen You
The Ever Complex Puzzle of The Mind
The Fall & Rise of Personal Heroes
The Fungus Among Us
The Funny Thing About Butterflies
The Gag
The Good, The Bad and The Living Dead
The Greatest Nightclub on Earth
The Horrors
The Ice Cream Van From Hell
The Importance of Idle Hands
The Ivy Trail
The Jesus Hitler Debacle
The Keeper
The Last Dance
The Last Supper
The Last Temptation of Keeper
The Last Waltz
The Leading Man Nobody Knew
The Legacy Confabulation
The Lost Art of Intimacy
The Luckiest Guy on Earth
The Magician
The Mourning After
The Muppet Dead
The Opinionation Supposition
The Optimist
The Quench: Eternity’s Kiss
The Räk ôn Effect
The Schrödinger Theorem
The Shadow Spark Enigma
The Sluggish Demise of Cornelius

The Springbok, The Gibbon & The Frisky Canine
The Stocking Filler
The Thing About Things
The Trip: A Reflection in Technicolor
The True Faith
The Upskirt Files
The Very Simplest of Pleasures
The Weird & The Wonderful
The Wretched Fortunes of Sven The Impaler
The XXX Factor
The Young & The Dead
Then & Now
Things We Found In The Fire
Thinking Out Loud

Tobe Hooper: Master of Horror
Toxic Bandwidth
To Probe Or Not To Probe
To Therapy & Beyond
Transcendental Endings
Trial and Error
Trollers Gonna Troll
True Grue: Ingredients
Tug o’ War

Twilight Journal
Twilight of The Dead
Twin Flames
Twisting The Firestarter
Unarmed Symphony
Under The Influence
Unflinchingly, Me
Unholy War
United We Slay
Up, Down & Everywhere In-Between
Vice: A User’s Tale
Videos & Nasties
Vital Signs
Waiting For Salvation
Waiting To Die
Waiting To Live
Waking Up in Tromaville
Walking The Rose Trail


We Need To Talk About Skeletor
Weirdos From Another Planet!
Wes Craven: Nightmare Maker
Whatever Happened To Bleeding Lotus?
What’s The Worst That Could Happen?
Whatever Happened To Acid?
What’s in The Box?
When Quill Met Quigley
Where Am I & How The Fuck Did I Get Here?
Wired For Sound
Within. Always.
Women in Uniform
Words in Bondage
Words Play I Say
You, Me And Beetlejuice
Zombies Ate My Smart Phone
Zombie Wastelands

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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