The Orphan Killer Crypt


Orphaned Sequence

Verse I
Verse II
Verse III
Verse IV
Verse V
Verse VI
Verse VII
Verse VIII

Cranium Insanium Sequence

Verse I
Verse II
Verse III

The Royal Rumble Sequence

Fight Night 1
Fight Night 2
Fight Night 3
Fight Night 4
Fight Night 5
Grand Finale

TOK Murder Crew Sequence

Guerrilla Warfare
Red Dawn
Cruel Summer
Standing on the Shoulders of Giants
The Suffering
Reign in Blood
Halfway to Hell
To Live & Die in LA
Walk of Life

Keeper’s Orphan Killer Articles

An Introduction to The Orphan Killer
Marcus Miller: Horror Icon for the Download Generation
Ban This Vile Filth: Censorship & TOK
An Ode to Brother Matt and Baby Sister Diane
True Scream Queen #1: Revised Edition
True Scream Queens:The Rundown (Revised Edition)
Choice Cuts: The Prime Rib of Horror Alphas (Revised Edition)
Best of the Breed #1: Matt Farnsworth
TOK’s First Knight Speaks: Troops Rallied and Venturing Forth
TOK’s First Knight Speaks: Hidden Tome
Angels With Bloody Faces: Revised Edition
Behind The Eyes: Revised Edition
Sovereignty: Royal Flush
Keeper’s Grim Fairytale: The Director’s Cut
The Majesty of Lady Die: Beauty Edition
The Majesty of Lady Die: Beast Edition
The Majesty of King Matt: Angels Edition
The Majesty of King Matt: Demons Edition
W.O.M.A.N. Deep Red Edition
M.A.N. Edible Edition
B.E.A.S.T. Orphaned Breed
TOK: Prey For Pain
Black Mist
Red Smoke
Diane Foster: Queen of Hearts
Matt Farnsworth: King of Diamonds
Mad Matt: Savagery Unbounded
Dinner Date with Lady Die
Royals: A Kingdom Beckons
Blood Most Cruel
Her: An Ode To Baby Sister
New Year With The Millers
Matt Farnsworth: Visionary
Diane Foster: Incendiary
Lady Die: Salaciously Ours
Matt Farnsworth: Better Living Through Chemistry
Diane Foster: Death Most Becoming


Honored at Sitges Film Festival
Best Picture Award Winner at Terror Molins De Rei (Spain)
Official Selection San Sebastian Horror and Sci-Fi Film Festival (Spain)
Official Selection Morbido (Mexico)
Official Selection Bram Stokers (UK)
Official Selection Shriekfest LA
Official Selection South Africa Horrorfest
Official Selection Eerie Horror Film Festival
Antonio Margheriti Award Tohorror (Italy)
Official Selection Montreal Comicon and Horrorfest

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