Twin Flame Fusions


Destined friends.

From the moment we discovered one another’s art, we knew. No confusions or illusions, we are two souls connected in a way that exceeds physical form. Our friendship has empowered us to reach even deeper within ourselves as creatives. Fused art has been the result. Our words vary from light to dark, from celebratory to melancholic, and has many shades between. With fierce belief, unconditional love, and one innate connection of heart and soul, the skies are limitless. We hope you will enjoy your journey with us through the boundless realm that “imagination friends” can soar together.

Welcome to Twin Flame Fusions, where our fantastical reality comes to life.

– Ivy & Richard



The following fusions are composed by

Ivy Blackwater & Richard Charles Stevens:

Our first fusion, Firstborn, was released on January 18th, 2020








Child of Scorn



The Pines


To Noble Ends

Love’s Lullaby






Ivy Blackwater

Richard Charles Stevens





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