The Pride



Title art by Chris Allen. Closing art by Donald Rust. Click images to visit their studios.



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The lion heart brave
Had come such a long way
Felt so much
Whether touched upon pleasure or pain
Endured the endgame of the roughest terrain
And been sure to encourage earth’s reclaim


Famed by some for favouring the sun
Berated by others for relating to the moon
Could have been real gone too soon
Had he based ruminate upon assume
Listened to the whispers indirect to source for they endorsed no part of crafted bloom
Deconstructing structures on the path of grapevine mused
To remark then on the harshness of perfume


Half his heartbeats spelled out doom
The other half renew
Arteries were fast to bleed to interweave the two
Had to foresee majesty emphatically to scatter seed and reap the harvest massively midst travesty perceived
Had to read the prelude to proceed unto next chapter
Dream the dream to catch a glimpse of princely statured view


The lion heart brave
Had come such a long way
Yet, never one time had he moved from his place faraway from ill grace and disproportionate fortune
Through no thought presumed
He reinforced the fallen arches
With a penchant for digression
To undress the veins of artist


While cathartic to degree
He felt lethargic to decree
And needed rightly to be seen
To feel remarkably believed
He fell to knees
With eyes to skies
And gazed upon his grazing pride
Twas the most timely of confide
That he was home
Full grown to rise
The precious few had found their voice within this choice green garden bloomed
To remark upon the sweetness of perfume
He would never see this tribe undo
For it was steeped from charmed foundations true






Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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