About Me

My name is Richard Charles Stevens and I create music with a unique edge known as Pulse Fusion. Essentially, this term means to reach into the beating heart of any music track, regardless of genre, and ride each ebb and flow, using my own lyrics to paint an alternative landscape across it. I began writing poetry in 2015 and it seemed a natural progression to move from written verse to spoken, then more recently sung. It was once suggested to me that poetry has no place in modern culture, a viewpoint I strongly oppose. This challenged me to find a way of making an artform often seen as antiquated modern and relevant. Since then, I have taught myself to sing and produce my own music from scratch, without tutorial videos as I wished to trust my gut to guide me and guide me it has. 

I have been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, Complex PTSD, ADHD and Dyslexia, not one of which define me. With regards to Asperger’s, I consider it the greatest gift a musician can be endowed with and feel blessed to be touched with this particular ‘condition’. Having suffered a breakdown in 2013 and both undertaken and completed my recovery, I have a burning desire to use my musical art as a way of highlighting my own learning for others to relate to their own journeys, in addition to spreading the love far and wide. I am the eternal optimist and positivity is what I wish to share with the world more than anything else.

While my songs are designed to uplift, they aren’t afraid to venture into darker territory, with the purpose of leading the listener through the shade back to a discernible light source. I believe we need to feel before we heal. Thus, should my lyrics stir deep emotion, whether pleasure or pain, then it is with the aim of feeling this together as artist and listener. As mentioned above, Pulse Fusion is not to tied to genre whatsoever, and I am never happier than when challenging myself to move away from my comfort zone into unknown territory, so to speak. 

There are currently around 2000 Pulse Fusions on the site, including multiple versions of different songs. They are free to download and I openly encourage such. My musical journey is entirely documented here as I wish to chart my own progression as it happens, learn as I go, heart on sleeve the whole time. Those who know me will be aware the importance I place on the words true, real, sincere, and crystalline. Without exception, my words are 100% honest and always from the deepest part of me. All of me. 

“we need to feel
before we heal
and i’m the first to see revealed
the hurts we face and bitter pills we swallow
fed against our will
while any sorrow on the page
is gone tomorrow
by the way
thus i feel honoured to remain
the same way facing
plain as day”

Lyrics taken from Plain As Day.

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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