All of Me

In May 2019, Shadow Spark Publishing announced to me they planned to publish my six-volume poetry series, All of Me. Little over two months later, and to my infinite surprise and delight, the first volume was in print. This was the very first poem I wrote, after learning of their intention to release my works. I wished to elucidate readers on my character, right at commencement, thus this verse featured early on in All of Me Vol. I. You can purchase that, or any of the other five volumes, on both paperback or kindle editions, here.

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All you see is all of me
Whether brisk as inland breeze
Or ill at ease and all at sea
All you ever see is all of me

Form assumptions as you please
But please do informedly
Measures really need not be precautionary
For all of my deformities
I’m fairly square and ordinary
No market share on awful deeds
No plans on storming Normandy
No narcissistic tendencies or ego of enormity
Indeed, my one dependency is writing off such forgeries
Man-made words shoe-horned to fit
To warn us off from self-belief
Release the bit between our teeth
And true to form forlornly quit
Horizon will be bleak unless we broaden it
Take the borders
Make them disproportionately inordinate
Form assumptions as you please
Or better yet just talk to me
Do so with politeness and I might invite an audience to all of me

All you see is all of me
Nothing false or incomplete
Cannot be more indiscreet
All you ever see is all of me

Every day I take to the most public of domains
Dismay at the array of human error on display
Too many wars on terror have us bent all out of shape
Shadowing the virtueless with burden of decay
Trending us towards a more remorseless point of view
Attitude adjustments are unjustly skewed of home improvement
Teaching of obedience
Impeding further slurring movement
Hope deterred
And faith misplaced
Blind conferring taking place
Something lurks behind the grate
Stating most persuasive case
Hateful in its graphic haste to make the rapids into arid wastelands damned by fate of saving grace
Hardly the best way to set the mood

All you see is all of me
And all I see are reasons to proceed
Whether brisk as inland breeze
Or ill at ease and all at sea
All I see are seasons to renew
All I wish to see is all of you
Trending us towards a more amorphous point of view

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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