The Stoic of Divine

Featured art by Darla Teagarden

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Torn asunder skies
Highlight the thunderstrike
While I decline to undersize the light about me prized
Under my umbrella
Need not wonder why the weather is so changeable
When scalable in height


Tamable the night
Representational of flight
Deemed unsustainable by higher powers
Raining down as minor showers
Silent hours spent contemplating
Proved to be accommodating
Quietly inoculating
Groves and springs and bowers
Consecrating flowers long empowered to stop complaining of the rains
Exonerated seeds relieved to breathe free of curtailment and tirade
Celebrated ailments interpose the bones in bailment of repose
Hailing the prevail of closing throes
Scalable in height
Inviting most heroic pose
Relied on oath foreclosing stoic of divine


May feel overcome
As our foot race is overrun
Whole lives amount to token sum
Are crying out to sober up
However whatsoever comes
We are the masters of our destinies
For all of our expressed unease
We breathe developmentally
Through agony or ecstasy
Anatomies accessories
Our cavities suggest that we seek fallacy in death’s decree
Trajectories seem tentatively poised to voice indemnity
Avoiding free choice
Spoiled coincidentally
And noisome as we venture forth remorsefully to toil in our dependency on caution disproportionate to equity


Takes strength to bleed extensively
To render scene authentically
Release all non-essential to our mental penitentiaries
Under our umbrellas
We can weather tides of endless sea
Better time our runs and rise together providentially
Nevermore implore our flaws to lessen our longevity
Pause and lend refresher to what’s evidently meant to be
Essentially we’re deputies to better dressed identities
With torn asunder skies to prize and thunderstrikes our centerpieces


We are the entrenched elite of centuries redeemed
Blessed indeed to seed and see dreams vested at relentless speed
Friends in need of destiny’s suggestion to proceed
While we decline to undersize the light about us prized collectively
Each of us the best of breed
When under our umbrellas seen
Scalable of height
Representational of flight serene
Wide awake when fast asleep
Once we find our calm retreat
Seek the key to open up our minds
Entitled by the stoic of divine

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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