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under oath
to be a ghost
or feed the host
i feel the most at liberty
to get close with me inwardly

can translate to self-improvement
when we insulate our outposts
seek the things that we’re about most
find the meaning in the feeling that reveals the deepest seedling
and proceed to sail the sea on cleanest houseboats
no need distancing
from selves
no need rinsing dusted shelves
for the age of oak is favoured cloak
beneath which we retain the most
obtain the key parts stationed close
reclaim this observation post
tracing back the pains inflamed
federating wailing veins
redecorating paving plains
to elevate and make them reins

sky related
studies show
a trend in vaulted rise
once we extend our breaths to length and breadth from default size
someone out there’s telling us
to change up the polarity
to our hearts content
reflect on stent irregularity
gifting clues
through cardiac arrythmia
sifting through blues too ballooned to fit the new criteria
breeding this bacteria
to build up a resistance
to the virus that defiles us
when denied of equilibria
think bigger than the germ
to see the worm turn in the topsoil
learn to shirk the burden of hysteria
calm the racing mind
design the track and gain the traction
to adapt to each abstraction
and protract the flames of passion

isolated we may be
but this is when we get to see
the best that we confess to be
when blessed of dressing bestially
our vestures are effectively
our gowns
home is where the heart knows no true bounds
getting lost
can lead to being found
going strong for everlong
in throng
on chosen grounds
reveal the beat
the most unique
feel the pace awaken
as it pounds

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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