High Noon Hijack

High Noon Hijack is a playful verse, inspired by a funny thing that happened only yesterday. After being charged for an entirely unnecessary violation and politely pleading my case for a full ten minutes, it became clear to me that the officer in question was pre-programmed to do his job, regardless of any extenuating circumstances explained. Clearly, it was impossible for this gentleman to operate outside the confines of his job description. Thus, I wrote this poem as a means to channel any frustration felt into something fanciful and fun. I accepted my penalty charge and will now contest it tooth and nail with the powers that be. However, this could all have been prevented with just one moment of human compassion on his part. On this occasion, I wish to supply context to the listener/reader, to show the benefit of working through frustration in a non-aggressive manner, when faced with suchlike challenges. The jack-in-a-box depicted herein represents those unwilling to think outside of the strict confines of their job roles.

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The jack in a box
And my heart damn near stopped
As I leapt from my skin
Setting weathercock spinning
Yet the jack in a box
All the more
As though sinning meant winning
While devilishly grinning

Doesn’t it grow cramped
Within such spring-loaded confines
Was my reply to being seen through glaring eyes
All you do is scripted
Every tawdry boo predictive
I afforded you a welcome
Which you misconstrued vindictive
Nothing cryptic of the way I pled my case
To fetch the smile bled from my face
And place it back where it was at prior to “Happy-Gate”
I could wait for forty days and nights
And not an awful fright would change
Pleading to the choir here
Yet, the choir are out of range

Out of sight
Out of mind
Out of shits to give and will to live for rules and regulations
In a way, this may be why I fly with eyes upon migration
Good job
I packed my imagination

The jack in a box
For one half a second
Thus I hopped
Skipped and flopped
With delight
Could it be the penny dropped
To free me from my plight
Were there props to be provided
For me being so polite

Opted out of fighting
When I fell out with society
Sooner just ignore the impropriety
Change the world in better ways
Than getting hett-up
Never letting up
As I get elbow deep in snuff
Came a time
Some time ago
When I reclaimed my need to know
The moment to claim openly enough
Not that I intend to take near dying lying down
But neither do I wish to take another’s smile to ground

The jack in a box
And made the same pre-plotted sound
At which time
I then stopped
And calmly turned around

Goodbye sir
Seemed game parting gambit
Aimed at my departed bandit
Knew that kindness needled him
Indeed, his need to win could barely stand it
Why had I not frightened
Likely raced his idle mind
Knew a Jack one time
Was my reply
Never quite escaped the box for some wise guy had changed the locks
Don’t be that Jack
That’s the slack Jack
Learn the crack Jack
Double back Jack
And with that
The jack in a box

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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  1. Fantastic and prefect audio! I was witness to their sickness and disgusted by their robotic heartless boxed narrative. The way they were dressed was akin to members of a terrorist group. And terrorism it was. A verbal assault on the senses as their dark eyes, lifeless as sharks, gazed at you, at us. The location ought to be ashamed of themselves for utilising such a bullish organisation.

    This tickled me: “As I get elbow deep in snuff”… Me at night 😂

    1. My co-pilot for the expedition! I am so glad you were right by my side Mouse. Turned out to be a great reminder of how far I have come as I returned home, wrote them an email (as I showed to you), then crafted my angst into something I’m really proud of. Two years ago I would have blacked out for a week. A blessing in disguise then. As for the penalty fine, they may have a long wait. I would love to hear the court’s thoughts of the whole affair. Onwards and upwards for us, sweet Mouse.

  2. You acted with the humanity they were devoid of and I have a strong feeling you’ll be let off. They were deceitful. Writing it out of your system was perfect 👏🏻 See you in court where I’ll squeak very loudly 😅

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