Skipping Through The Never (Lucifer’s Dance Suite)

Featured art by Carlos Quevedo

Listen to Skipping Through The Never by Richard Charles Stevens (Lucifer’s Dance Suite)

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skipping through the never
skipping through the never
skipping through the never
skipping through the never
skipping through the never
skipping through the never
skipping through the never
skipping through the never
I will never be defined by darkness
I will never bleed without politeness
I will never sit on fences tallying expenses
I will never see attack as where the best defence is
I will never shake your hand then stab you in the spleen
I will never take a side when I can stand between
I will never see the sense in feeling dead behind the eyes
I will never use mine to tell lies
I will never live my life in retrospect unless such lends to joint addresses with my inner child
I will never leave a path of heartbreak in my wake
I will give two times before I take
I will shake the apple tree to see how far away they fall
I will not consume the fruit of snakes
Not to say I’m choosy with my faith
Simply don’t possess the time of day to place this in obliged domain
When I can say let them eat cake
I will never piss another day away on fade away when I can find a way to breakaway from blind self-hate
I will never break a heart when I can get it started
I will never take for granted words of famed advantage
I will never favour clique and leave the rest for dead
I will never cease until the best of me has bred
I shall overspill this quill until last drop be bled
Final tethers never less than needles left to thread
I will leave a legacy which cannot be ignored
Blueprint for the seen and sweetest tune for the adored
Make me human riddle me in flaws
Make me lion tickle all four paws
Make me Viking brave and I shall find a way to steer this vessel
Make me mortar I’ll supply the pestle
Mark fresh slate and I’ll engrave my name for sake of harmony
Need not search for qualm when I can answer questions face to face
Need not waste your time and space disarming me
For I shall never wield a sword again less there be braves to saint
Sooner reap the yield than see revealed a field of hate decay
I will not see waste away
Good grace that my creators gave
I will never grace disgrace with answer
Way too much anew ado to rue the day the blues were made
Way too many dangers strewn to mute the home brew truths conveyed
I will never lose the light that makes bright my commuter flight
I shall provide concise view to where the skies are beautified
Skipping through the never
Hold a clue as to where futures lie
Mourning not my morningwood
Come good by afternoon delight
I will never duck when lady luck refuses supervise
I will never stoop behind the youthful stride life euthanised
Not when there is flight to revolutionise
Not when there is flight to revolutionise


Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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