Employing All Humans (Stakker Humanoid Suite)

Employing All Humans has been published in All of Me Vol. V, courtesy of Shadow Spark Publishing. Featured art is by H.R. Giger

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Only human
Sounds like an excuse to me
For acting inexcusably
And in no way exclusively
Amidst the loose debris are an unusually profound amount of mortal coils unspooled that lie in ruins
Every one is only human
So it has been rumoured
Every one reputedly is used to being humoured
Sounds a bit obtuse to me
Restricting our manoeuvres
On account of being
Only human

First of all
We humanoids started calm then grew annoyed
Slammed the door on rooms adjoined
And got around to sulking
Skulking through the corridors
Like we have been short-changed
Not a one thing reform aimed
Boards are nailed and broadswords raised
Humans are such easy prey
Or so the pinheads claim
Maybe they are onto something
Maybe that’s the case
However we should never take the end of tether lightly
For who are we assuming where it might lead
With a little fresh endeavour
Suddenly we’re boxing clever
Only human we may be
But what of that which lies beneath

Underneath the flesh and sinew
Is a suit for stretching into
Destitute unless renewed
A vesture crude bereft of uses
Some of us will make excuses
After all we’re only human
Taught that we are not exclusive
Fraught of destiny elusive
Absolute beginners
Although in a sense professionals
Limitations imitate the grate of our confessionals
Judgement calls us fools and we are far too swift to answer
Tiny minds then testify the chorus lines of tiny dancers

Cynics make advances and our industry is stunted
Swords unsheathed but every last one blunted
Trending to a cautious point of view
The kind that sets up stalemate
‘Fore suggesting
It’s your move
Only human points to prove
Yet not a solitary room with view
This is why I thirst for dreams
And burst at seams for every time I do

Only human?
Our lives are merely whistle-stops
Zone of artificial props
In time and space
A minute tops

Only human?
Where’s the chance to splash the cash?
Where’s the goddamn forward hatch?
Nothing but a meter dash

Only human?
Far more to us than trigger fish
Some of us are feverish
And that’s because we know where the transmitter is
Life may well be bittersweet
But that need not lead beeline to indifference
In a sense we’re every one magnificent
Once we learn the true source of initiative

Only human?
Pure malarkey!
Let’s all have a slumber party
Step out of the skins we’re in
Matters not if somewhat tardy
Leap into the great unknown
Zone of transcendental props
Whistle-stops will still be here
When we remove the flight gear
Grab the sun
Get lardy-dardy
Kiss the moon
And lift its nightie
Follow trails of ripened seed
Then once you wake up
Take a leap!

Only human?
Yes indeed!
For happy hour no less
Guess that makes it time for decompression
Curses drive the hearses
And that’s why this timely verse has hit reverse towards a universe of blessing
Coming soon
The tides of bloom
Sponsoring the elbow room to move like only humans dare not dream
All we need to do is take each green and blue alluded to
Proceed to find the beauty in-between
Only human?
Nah, we’re kings and queens.

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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