L.H. Grey’s Gallery of Abstractions


L. H. Grey is a visual artist residing in the United States & working out of Pennsylvania.  Her work varies from painting to mixed-media, photography & photo-manipulation.  Grey is self-taught in Photoshop & her ability to use the program has expanded her medium tremendously.  Her work is mainly macabre in nature, as she draws from past experiences, music, & various other things that inspire her.

Grey has no formal training or schooling, all is self taught knowledge & ability she has gained through trial and error, reading, force of will to try new techniques & surrounding herself with art & artists that inspires her. She has learned from the artists that she admires, many different techniques and methods which she applies to her work.



The Twins by L.H. Grey


I will be brutal.  I will encircle you and conquer you. 

I will be more powerful than your ships and your swords and your blood lust. 

I will be inevitable.