An Introduction to The Orphan Killer




The Orphan Killer is the first of its kind; a social media slasher. Directed by visionary filmmaker Matt Farnsworth, it has done something truly exclusive since its conception in 2011. The slasher breed had been floundering for nigh on thirty years, with barely a flick worth screaming about in that entire period. That is of course until TOK made its mark, leaving an incalculable footprint on the horror industry and spreading like a malignant cancer.


Between Farnsworth and his producer and star Diane Foster, they have amassed a humongous following the world over with a tireless work ethic and overabundance of raw talent. They have flown the flag for the independent filmmakers struggling to make their dreams a realization. No unprincipled suits or bloated marketing spends, instead TOK as you will regularly hear it known, has developed totally biologically.


The first thing you will discern is that spanking new material emerges with uniformity; these pillars of the Horror community affectionately give recurrent narrative of their entire subsistence through a range of differing Social Media outlets. You will discover a strapping presence on Facebook, where TOK has amassed nearly 400,000 Likes alone, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Flickr. Additionally the film is obtainable on iTunes but, even more crucially, from their very own bloody hands on store at


You will become responsive to their presence and endeavor to become implicated in all matter of feeds and dialogue with their swollen brigade of fanatical fans. If there are sufficient hours in the day they will never be far absent and offer a sense of attachment with the stunning source material, which nobody has ever accomplished.


Slasher required frantically a vigorous shake-up; too much anticipation and not enough innovation had harmed our beloved genus and it was promptly becoming evident that viewers weren’t contented any more with minimally being catered for with a bare minimum of true modernization.


Marcus Miller is the foreboding slasher Icon of whom ardent devotees regularly feel the dark attendance. Unlike so many of his less significant compatriots he actually possesses charisma, which he exhibits through his overbearing stance and frequent vocalization. The words that emit from his oral cavity aren’t quips or mere vacant communication. Instead each statement gives a cruel brew of diverse connotation.


He makes known his inner suffering, each expression bleeds legitimacy and aptitude. He is a transmitter of torment and a bringer of reprimand, a dark angel of sorts with bloody stubs on his reverse where his wings were stripped from him at such a tender age. His infancy was stolen from him by the supposed lineage of faith, brutalities forced upon him by those commissioned with his safekeeping.


It is Nature vs. Nurture in that respect; again just one of the exclusives of TOK. In a world of plummeting standards, it highlights cause and effect exquisitely and unswervingly. Brother Matt Farnsworth and Baby Sister Diane Foster have tackled various social issues with past projects and continue to do so through our beloved medium of Horror. Ultimately you can take from it what you wish, if you’re looking for a rock-steady bloodbath with a vicious soundtrack and resplendent kills…look no further.


Should you wish to obtain more, and subsequent views will enable this, then again…look no further. Moreover, if you seek a commune which is continuously on hand and just keeps providing, championed by freshly betrothed new #1 Master of Horror and sensationally salacious #1 True Scream Queen, then look no bloody further!


The Orphan Killer has already been banned in Germany and would never escape intact from censors, should that be its conduit. It isn’t, it’s self financed, self-distributed, nobody else’s bitch fundamentally and once again this underscores the intention of our King and Queen. They take note, never would they make the sequel they desire, it is at all times about what we, the admirers, call for that molds their design. There are no over-inflated egos on parade, merely conviction and as a scribe I comprehend the substantial disparity.


Any great auteur feeds from the fervor of his/her devotees, the dark energy accumulates and we become blessed beneficiaries of such nourishment. Such provisions continue to cultivate, as the militia evolves with promptness and constancy. This summer will go down as the bloodiest on record, not least because of the emergence of new TOK masks and collaborative work with their capable comrades.


Most crucially it is because their dark souls are entwined in each grue-filled re-enactment, they never lose sight of who put them on these lofty pedestals, and not once exhibit any form of arrogance or contempt towards the multitude of hands that feed them that authority. It’s on every page of their website; How It Bloody Works should be your first port of call as instantaneously the booty is vast. It’s undemanding, share and triumph.


When someone puts themselves out there like Brother Matt and Baby Sister Diane have, we all have a responsibility to herald the uprising. Should you choose to do so, you will ascertain a wealth of riches. Furthermore, you will facilitate the best goddamn independent filmmakers on the worldwide circuit right now. I say right now, however the moment will not merely pass. If you cut them open, integrity will jettison out in the most magnificent manner and to be saturated in their sanguine sauces provides ecstasy unparalleled believe me.


Should you read this now then make no qualms, you’re on a vicious pilgrimage. More than that, you’re in safe bloody hands, their all-inclusive embrace reaches the length and breadth of our globe with effortlessness and consummate veracity. In little over four months since my primary introduction to The Orphan Killer, this scribe has developed substantially in both self-belief and optimistic deportment.


I am under no delusion of where my faith originates, it is within me unerringly. Conversely such assurance is down to these two fine dark guardians, for coaxing it from me with their proclamation of my own parallel faculty for which I will be evermore their shadowy advocate.


Have the benefit of such an embarrassment of assets, accept TOK into your ventricles, feel its temperate gush of cruel compassion as it traverses your filaments of ruthless yearning. I assure you with hand on blackened-heart; it is an expedition you will not lament.


Take this passage of unbounded grandeur my friends

For the income is cruel and profound

Should you follow the sorrow you shall apprehend

Such riches of which know no bounds


Truly, Clearly, Really, Sincerely,

Keeper of the Crimson Quill

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