If I Should Die Before I Wake


If I should die before I wake
I pray my soul is taken
Not snatched away with devious glee
I wish to reawaken


If I should pass before light comes
Expire within the dark,
I’d wish to know that Keeper has
Done all to leave his mark


If I should breathe my final breath
I’d breathe it with conviction
Not leave behind me scattered lies
A life of contradiction


If death should suck my life-force dry
Spit out my hollow shell
I’d want to know I had been kind
Conducted myself well


Thus should my heart refuse to beat
I’d take my father’s hand
And once more be excited child
Prepared for what he’d planned


I’d let him know I am his boy
And he my inspiration
We’d read together all my work
With dual appreciation


I am, you see, my father’s son
I wear that badge with honor
So I’ll keep smiling come the time
For me to be a goner


I will not fight against my fate
I’ll walk there of free will
There’s nothing now to contemplate
No guilt now left to feel


I’d want to know I’d bared myself
My soul for all to share
Through doing this I’m in good health
Should I be here or there



If I should meet my maker now
I’d tell my son I love him
I’d reassure him every day
That I’m right there above him


I’d keep him safe, shield him from harm
Lift him when he he falls down
I’d fill his growing heart up
With happiness profound


I’d hug my wife, apologize
for letting things diminish
Regardless of the future
I still love her to the finish


That is, you see, the way I choose
To let my love be known
It comes and stays, it hurts and plays
A constant chaperone


I’d want to send such fearsome strength
To friends in need of healing
I trust my words assist with that
Replace numbness with feeling


I’d hug and kiss all of my brood
Tell them to chase their dreams
For life can seem to punish
But it’s kinder than it seems


I’ve seen my baby boy commence
That’s all the joy I need
To take with me as I press on
And take my father’s lead


I’d leave behind a legacy
And it seems quite becoming
If I should die before I wake
You’ll keep these rivers running









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