Whorewolf: Acceptance


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Delilah despised men. A so-called man had been responsible for her jaded outlook and subsequent males had done little to encourage her as to the species’ integrity. This latest episode had only served to cementing her view that all men were scum although, in her wildest dreams, she never wished to end one’s life. The notion of snuffing another’s existence was alien to her, as was the thought that she had done that to him. He’d been torn limb from bloody limb with no sign of finesse and, whilst being many things, murderer wasn’t one of them. Nevertheless the fact remained that there were human remains stacked up in the motel closet and no inkling as to how else they could have gotten there.

“You’re infected…just like me” Eloise’s enlightenment was still something of a shock “For the want of a better word, you’re a werewolf now. Sorry to be the bearer of such a shit sandwich but it’s the truth”. It took Delilah a moment to recompose as the words had hit her like a concrete dildo. “What do you mean werewolf?” was her badly thought out rejoinder but she was still attempting to get her head around the Intel. “You’ve seen The Company of Wolves. Fuck, we watched it together no more than a month ago. You’re hairy on the inside now”.

Delilah was still coming to terms with being overtly hairy on the outside so this wasn’t particularly pleasing to her. Electrolysis or extreme waxing wasn’t an option here it seemed, how does one shave their innards? “You ARE shitting me Ellie?” Eloise shrugged a ‘no’ and this caused floods of tears as the grim realization began setting in. There was no reason for her to lie about it, she could see that Delilah was distressed and would never make light of something like this at such an inopportune moment. That wasn’t her style.

“I wondered why I’d been blacking out. What the actual fuck?” Ellie poured her a stiff drink as she could see it was necessitated. “Sucks huh? Or so you’d think. But I’m actually getting used to it now”. This angered Delilah; you get used to a sexually transmitted disease or a cyst on your back but being lycanthrope is not something you take with a pinch of salt, at least not in her books. “You’ve lost it. Either that or I have”. “Neither…” was the reply “… just telling it how it is sister. I know it’s a kick in the beaver but it’s our reality now and we just have to suck it up”.


‘Suck it up?’ she thought, amazed by her friend’s nonchalance before coming to terms with the fact she merely offered perspective. Fuck perspective, she didn’t ask for this. She didn’t fancy trading her rousing renditions of Bonnie Tyler for howling at the moon, it was somebody else’s birthright and not what she had in mind for her own future. “I knew I should have practiced safe sex” she flippantly retorted. “Honey, there’s no pill which could prevent what has happened and you can’t wear a condom on your teeth” Ellie reminded her. It wasn’t a great deal of consolation, knowing that it couldn’t have been prevented as Delilah was only too aware that it could’ve.

“I knew I should have taken Home Economics. I’d rather be tossing greasy chips in a fryer than turning into a mutt every time the sun sets”. Eloise remained composed, dedicated to helping her friend deal with the initial shock. It had been no picnic for her either but over the past few days she had learned to accept her fate and, in some demented way, actually gleaned power from her new-found status. Like Delilah, she abhorred men and everything they stood for and they’d never considered the fallout when donating her Gonorrhea. Why should she give a toss about them?

“I know it’s hard at first…” Ellie didn’t get to finish her sentence. “Hard? HARD? No Els, a Rubix snake is hard. Playing Pictionary with an amputee is hard. This is catastrophic!” She began to pace the motel room, occasionally glancing through the curtains so as to remain enlightened to the sun’s state of play. “If it is any consolation I’ve gone up a cup size since being bitten. At least you can save $10K on that surgery.” Eloise knew exactly what to say when things appeared hopeless and her statement raised a smile, before Delilah thought better of it. “No. You can’t convince me that this is in my best interests. My life is FUBAR now”.

“You’ve never been so alive babe. I know right now it’s hard to see the wood for the trees but, given time, you’ll see that it has its advantages”. “But I’m a fucking vegan Ellie”. “No alfresco salad is going to sate your appetite now love. It’s prime rib all the way I’m afraid. It won’t matter as you won’t remember turning, just make sure you know when a full moon is near is all”. Delilah stopped once more at the net curtain, pulling it aside before asking her following question. “So when is the next one due?” “Shepherd’s delight tonight girl”. Any thoughts of postponing her waxing session tomorrow looked to be thwarted.

“Look. I’ll help you clean up this mess and we’ll lay low for a few hours. Watch Beaches, fuck, anything to help you relax.” Bad choice of movie, Delilah always ended up an emotional wreck after two hours of Barbara Hershey and Bette Midler. “Not Beaches. Looks like I have no choice doesn’t it?” Ellie nodded a ‘no’ “On the plus side, we are pretty badass. I mean, look at what you did to Mr. Premature there. He ain’t gonna be doing that again”. She really was clutching at straws. “Enough trying to make me feel better please…” Delilah sighed and grabbed her belongings “… let’s just get this done”.


It took all of twenty minutes to clear up the bloodbath, although there was nothing they could do about the crimson-sopping mattress so they chose just to flip it over and make their hasty exit before anyone was any the wiser about any nocturnal activities. Then the girls returned to Ellie’s bedsit and kept to their word of not watching Beaches with a box of tissues and comfort food as was customary. Instead they opted for Ginger Snaps and this provided just the dose of femininity they craved. Delilah couldn’t help but find it all rather enticing and was slowly coming around to her friend’s way of thinking.

One line from the film resonated especially strongly. ‘I get this ache and I thought it was for sex, but it’s to tear everything to fucking pieces’. She was experiencing the same ache and felt powerless to resist any further. “Okay Els, I’m in and feeling ravenous…” she stated “… suddenly I feel like a big fat greasy burger”. Eloise smiled “Well, we can go one better. How about a big fat greasy asshole? We’ll pick an out-of-towner, some overweight businessman schmuck who nobody is likely to miss. Then we get him back here and devour his ass together. How sounds that?” Delilah grinned and licked her lips before replying “Sounds delightful”. She always was easily led.


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