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“The next time you come up with a harebrained scheme, remind me to stuff a gym sock in your mouth”. Chris was somewhat less than pleased with his friend’s choice of dig for the night. “Look at this shit box. Hardly the Hilton is it?” They had just finished at Teasers and were looking for a little haven to get high and, to his credit, TK had at least propositioned somewhere secluded. Nobody knew about this dilapidated old building and the guys could kick back here without any fear of being interrupted. Or so they thought.

“I didn’t see you coming up with any better ideas. Wait until you get inside and then you can tell me if my plan is fucked”. TK used to bring his last girlfriend Maisie here when she requested a little privacy. Chris’s assumption was correct, it wasn’t the Hilton. But, considering their itinerary included a bong and a six pack of beer, it seemed to suit their needs fine. “Well there’s somewhere else here for starters” Chris pointed at Bill’s discarded car which was still sitting there with the trunk wide open. “Hold on. That’s my uncle’s ride” observed Teddy, recognizing the furry set of dice hanging from the rear-view mirror. “Holy shit. You mean your uncle the pig?” Chris inquired. “Yeah but he’s cool. Where do you think I got the gear from?” was Ted’s swift retort.

The three lads had been friends right through high school and had gotten in all manner of scrapes together over the years, although admittedly nothing as messed up as a dead hooker with her vocal cords ripped straight out of her neck. Ignorance is bliss however and none of them had any intention of inspecting the automobile. Instead Ted hollered “Bill?” and strode towards the abandoned fortifications. Upstairs, Bill was far less than amused by his nephew’s choice of locale. “Stupid fucking moron” he muttered to himself before shuffling over to the window, keeping a watchful eye on the staircase in case his other guests took it upon themselves to make a move.

“Teddy. Turn around, get back in the van and get the hell out of here. I’m not kidding” he called out. Ted looked up and gave his uncle a wave. “Whatcha doing here?” he asked. “Putting my size twelve deep in your rump if you don’t listen to me and get!” Chris was a little quicker on the uptake “We’d better do as he says bro. I don’t fancy that and your uncle is badass”. Ted made light of it. “He’s a pussy. Don’t be fooled by the badge, my auntie kicks his ass all the time”. “Well that may be but she’s got biceps like a pro body builder. I’m sure she could kick most men’s asses. Besides I’ve seen you fight and you resemble an angry gnome”.


Ted stood at 5″7 and managed to still be gangly. If he had ever gotten into strife at school it was Chris and TK who invariably bailed him out and he was the last person you’d want on side during a melee. It also didn’t help that he had absolutely no concept of danger and needed things explaining a number of times before the penny dropped. Realizing that he would have more hope of teaching a goldfish how to remember a grocery list, Bill turned his attention to Chris and TK. “Boys, listen to me one time. Leave! Now. This ain’t the place you wanna be right now”.

“Alright Bill, we’re gone”. TK took the bait and called over to Ted who was snooping around at the entrance “Come on let’s skedaddle. It don’t sound like he’s messing about. Let’s get out of here”. “Wise move boy…” came a voice from inside the warehouse “… only issue is that we ain’t about to let you leave”. It was Delilah and Bill picked up on this instantly. “It is not safe here. Get back in that piece of shit van and go home you numpties”. “We’re going Bill, we’re going” Chris too turned his attention to the gormless Ted “Come on, let’s shoot. doesn’t sound like we’re welcome”.

With that the two whorewolves made their appearance. “Wrong. You’re very much welcome. Any friend of Bill’s is a friend of ours”. Eloise started making her way over to Ted, spotting an opportunity to use him as a bargaining tool. “What the fuck?” was his wide-eyed rejoinder as he cast his eyes over the two bipedal bitches about to cut short their soiree. “You keep your dirty paws off him” There was a hint of desperation in the policeman’s voice for the first time and he clearly didn’t relish scooping him up in a Petri dish, which was what would be on the cards if they had their way.

“What’s wrong Billy Boy? You sound perplexed” Delilah called out. “Ted! Now! Leave it” pleaded his friends but the whorewolves were already on him and dragging him back into the blackened recess from which they had appeared. “Idiot” Bill cried out and was weighing up heading down to stop this party before it got any more FUBAR. “You want him? Come and get him” was her next taunt. Eloise was gagging to rip into the young lad and knew that time was not their friend but recognized the advantage they currently held and thus kept her talons retracted… for now.


The other two boys were frozen in their tracks and didn’t know what to do for the best. “They’ve got him. Whatever the hell they are, they’ve got him” Chris was the bad news-bearer on this occasion. “I’d listen to him Bill…” Eloise piped up “… he’s starting to smell mighty tasty and my sister is getting hungry here”. “If you lay a single finger on him I will make you wish you hadn’t” was Bill’s desperate last throw of the dice. “Big bad words from Big Bad Bill. Guess we’d better do as he says” she sarcastically teased. Tony’s cell began to chime the death toll and Eloise glanced at it, seeing the name Her flash up on the neon display.

“Hello, Tony’s phone…” she answered before identifying the voice on the other end as her victim’s wife. “Who the flying fuck are you? Put my husband on” was the barked response. “I’m the bitch who just had your hubbie’s dick in my mouth. I’ve gotta say… commiserations. The thing wasn’t capable of much beyond flossing”. Tony’s wife, whose real name was actually Maude, lunged into a full-blown verbal assault and Eloise simply held the phone away from her ear. “Yada yada yada, no wonder he looked for somewhere else to put his miniscule penis”.

Ted was besides himself, frantically attempting to break free from her python-like grip around his throat. Observing his vein attempt, Delilah weighed in “Put her onto me”. She grabbed the cell and took over while Eloise pinned the lad to the floor and applied more pressure to his jugular. “Listen you skank. Tony won’t be home to feed Trixie. Come to think of it, he won’t be coming back at all. You see, he’s tired of your incessant ramblings and, besides, he said you suffer from chronic halitosis. He’s found himself another fox hole to plunder”. She hung up, spotting Chris and TK backing away to their camper and aware that the full moon wouldn’t be holding out for much longer.


This posed something of a dilemma as, in order to procure this fresh meat, she would be required to enter Bill’s potential line of fire but couldn’t allow the boys to get away. This had already escalated way beyond a simple feed and she needed to nip it in the bud. As Chris fumbled for his keys, she saw her chance and darted at full speed towards them, using the surrounding foliage for cover. True to her expectations Bill fired a shot but, despite being quite the crack shot, she was too fast a moving target and his wasted bullet ricocheted through the undergrowth. She used her concealment to flank them and reemerged just feet away from her quarry.

Chris was already clambering inside but didn’t manage to close the door before she ripped it clean off its hinges. He put a hand up to his face to protect himself but she grabbed it and sank her incisors straight into his wrist tendons. Blood jettisoned from the aperture, spattering the windscreen and the luckless jock let out a blood-curdling yelp. Witnessing his pal being mauled, TK shot off into the woodland and began running for his life. Three miles was evidently too much ground to cover with a ravenous whorewolf hot on your heels so she remained there for a moment while she extracted more of Chris’s rapidly depleting blood supply from the flapping wound.

His screaming was labored as he was near to passing out, so excessive was the blood loss. “You college boys taste good. We’ve been slumming it far too long. You got any more friends you can call? With your other hand I mean”. She toyed with him as he faded from consciousness before severing the hand from its origin and commencing to make short work of it. When she had had her fill she flung it into the trees and took a moment to survey her handiwork. She then set off to track down his fleeing buddy before he put any more space between them.


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