Looking Glass


Suggested Audio Candy:

Jason Tai and Marshall Crutcher “Dollhouses”


I’m coming I’m going
Confused but all knowing
I’m here and there also
Words stifled but flowing

I’m black yet caucasian
Words fail my persuasion
I’m tattered and torn
Sporting not one abrasion

Unhinged with great sanity
Foul beast of vanity
Next move unclear
And within that comes clarity

Listen close you shall hear me
It will never be clearly
I’m a figment of fact
I’m benign you should fear me


My actions lamented
My soul now contented
I’m steadfast this day
Well and truly fragmented

In darkness comes light
Convoluted but bright
My eyes are stitched shut
Yet I still maintain sight

The tears in my smile
I accept with denial
For I never arrived
Have been here a good while

This madness I court
Is my most astute thought
Now if you’ll excuse me
There’s a rabbit to be caught


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