The Sanity Clause




Where is my mind?
I’ve misplaced it you see
Not the vaguest idea
Where this object may be


I had it just now
Could’ve sworn that I spotted
My thoughts on set course
To a space pre-allotted


Have searched high and low
Looked in each nook and cranny
Without it I’m stray
For I’m halfway doolally


All sixes are sevens
My up has thrown down
Shoelaces tongue tied
And my trousers pulled down


Losing one’s mind
Is the sickest of jokes
Too cruel a denouement
For regular folk


To me it is fun
A mere game that I play
For lost it may be
But it’s not far away


I use it at will
Then discard just as fast
Keep on this way
And my mind might just last





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Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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