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Bound X Blood is now halfway through its shoot. In that time something has been made abundantly clear and that is that this film is going to catch on like an epidemic of head lice when it sees the light of day next year. It is as far removed from its forerunner as it could possibly be as Matt Farnsworth shows no intention of resting on his laurels. Instead of sitting on his hands the past three years he has been busy preparing to take this shit to the next level. That has entailed pulling out every conceivable stop and using this sequel as a springboard to worldwide acknowledgement as well as ensuring that the franchise is in good health going forward.

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The second film is historically the most problematic. In the same way as a band’s second studio album is make or break, it is time to shit or get off the pot. It needs to advance the story on while acting as linchpin to any further pursuits. I mention The Devil’s Rejects with concise reasoning; firstly it is one of the finest films of the last decade and, secondly, it took a direction none were expecting. Instead of making House of 1001 Corpses, Rob Zombie operated outside of his comfort zone and found something out about himself as a film-maker in the process. What Farnsworth is achieving here in LA is even more notable. The film doesn’t possess a bloated budget or even an extensive crew. The reasoning behind him choosing this path is elementary, what would be learned from doing something he has already proved to himself that he can?


You give a chimp $5m and, chances are, it could deliver something noteworthy with the proceeds. Now ask said primate to build on a template for less funds than you did first time out and it will give you a quizzical glare and return to its banana. That is essentially what is happening here, the hardest choice is often the correct one and any true professional searching for clarity in their own ability need ask themselves why they would want the aggravation. It is simple, he is self taught the way that our finest flag bearers are. Intelligence is nothing without desire and, to a degree, vice versa. I have fused the two in becoming Keeper and can tell when another shares the two qualities. He learns something about himself every single day he shoots because he facilitates such. There is no textbook or curriculum other than the one he sets himself and, it just so happens, he can back up every claim.


The number of locations for the sequel has tripled second time out and every day on set has been an entirely new experiences. Sure there are constants and they come in the form of the personnel involved and their passion to drive this forth. But it is one long learning curve and the most enchanting one at that. Watching the mercurial Diane Foster eating up the screen like a famished panther has afforded the cast to learn something about themselves and push their own boundaries further than they ever previously envisaged. When you have a screen dynamo painting a picture around you, you fall into character that much easier. I’m living proof as I locked into Robert’s psyche the moment I glanced her way, before we had even marked it. Cherry picking in heaven Grueheads.

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Y’all know already that there is nothing Keeper loves more than to champion talent and Kaleb Tholen is a name that I bring to your attention once again. Each scene we prepare he works with Matt brilliantly, understands his vision, offers his take and supports the flow. He does this because he gets it. We are here to help make this film the best it can possibly be and work within Matt’s clear vision.

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I took to both him and our FX wizard Simpat Beshirian instantaneously as I knew they were here to outdo themselves for the sake of a project they truly believe in. We are in paradise right now, playing key roles in making dreams a reality. Corny as that may sound, process the data and consider what we are a part of. The Orphan Killer. Nuff said? I believe so.


This brings me rather tidily to Marcus Miller. He is played by an MMA legend with around fifty professional fights under his belt. Matt Horwich is a gentle giant by all accounts but you see none of that as he dons his mask and bashes somebody’s head into pulp. He may be delicate in nature but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to hulk smash every corporate robot pissing away their exclusive potential to be somebody in this wonderful multiverse we cohabit. The difference is that he channels his rage into something beautiful and I respect him fiercely for doing so. He is both artistic and free-thinking and that lends perfectly to him playing a calculated killer as he wants to add something unique to his character rather than hiding behind a mask. Not a day goes by when he doesn’t come out with something beautiful and meaningful and catch you totally unawares. This extends to his endeavor towards alter ego Marcus Miller.

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I already know what the menu for the coming week consists of and, true to form, it is astonishing. Key scenes in glorious locations, featuring revelation and innovation, such has become par for the course. Terabyte after terabyte of groundbreaking media already and the best is yet to come. We have come to slay, to bloody up LA and to make the world sit up and take notice. The Orphan Killer: Bound X Blood will be unleashed on the ill-prepared, make no mistake on that Grueheads. Whatever your expectation, it is about to be obliterated. Is TOK alive and well? No it is dead and utterly badass. Chalices at the ready as there will be plentiful cruel blood to go around.

To sins being committed…raise a chalice,

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Performances by @MattFarnsworth @DieannFoster
Cruel Art by @MattFarnsworth
Prose and scribing by @RiversofGrue
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