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All good things invariably come to an end. It’s a sad and inescapable fact of life. Seven weeks back, a small group of individuals commenced on a journey unlike any other in Los Angeles as we began shooting the much-awaited sequel to The Orphan Killer, named Bound X Blood. This is the film that fans were crying out for, everyone’s hopes have been pinned on a continuation of the saga of Marcus Miller and his reluctant sibling Audrey and expectation has naturally been sky-high for the second chapter in what will soon become the most infamous franchise horror has known in thirty years.


Matt Farnsworth and Diane Foster have become household names in the interim between first and second entries and a legion of faithful fans have taken them to their hearts. Their way of repaying the droves of rabid supporters was always to take the next logical step and give them everything they desired with the sequel. Instead of bolting too soon they were patient and waited until the right time to make this wet dream a reality. This involved setting everything in place and recruiting the right crew, a group of individuals who shared this vision, this drive to strive to thrive.


With all pawns in place we started the fire. Most film crews are extensive whereas there were little over half a dozen of us, all in. This, in itself, is a remarkable feat, especially given the fact that the film has shot over a lengthy seven week period. However, I’ve seen the dailies. This isn’t some two-bit slasher wannabe we’re speaking of, Bound X Blood is a genre-bending, claw shredding, heart puncturing visual dynamo and one look at the footage was all it took to know exactly the magnitude of what we are dealing with here. This shit was going to be done the right way and, seven weeks later, their gamble has paid dividends in the most spectacular fashion.

So what can you expect from Bound X Blood? How’s it all gonna play out when all’s said and done? It will undoubtedly be meaner, that much is a given, whereas it won’t be leaner. Instead of sucking its gut in, it will widen its wings to span, bringing so much more to the table as it broadens it’s scope. The first was out-and-out slasher, through the marrow whereas, second time out, this is only a sole element in a much larger construct. This time the gloves are off, this ups the ante in terms of action, of suspense, of spectacle.


Characterization plays a bigger part and the colorful cast include metal gods Hirax’ lead guitarist and true gentleman Lance Harrison, the hugely endearing Nick Principe (Chromeskull), amazingly gifted Eileen Dietz (The Exorcist), American Horrors’ notorious and illustrious Hart D Fisher, MMA stars Jessamyn Duke, Marina Shafir and Queen of Spades Shayna Baszler as well as legendary brawlers Matt Horwich, Jake Ellenberger, Sevak “Silverback” Magakian and Vardan Shilolyan. In addition there are a number of first-time actors including salsa king Roosevelt Cordova and the lion-hearted and talented Zack Gillan for which this has become a great labor of love. It fills me with overbearing pride to be part of such an elite and gifted list.


Let’s not forget our wonderful Sound Mixer Marcos Butron, who has had the thankless task of capturing audio, but has remained professional, friendly and assuming throughout the process, endearing him to Keeper infinitely. Being on audio is a thankless task as a simple plane overhead can really mess up your business but he never complained. Or First A/C David Rivera who has worked tirelessly to achieve results with our second Red camera. Every single soul involved has given their all. You all fucking rock!


Then there’s the small matter of Matt Farnsworth and Diane Foster. Reprising the role of Audrey has seen Diane undertake a metamorphosis of sorts and this has allowed me to witness all sides of her repertoire. Baby Sister is a different creature entirely, no longer suffering and free to express herself in the most heinous manner imaginable. Watching her transform has been a truly liberating experience, she is the consummate professional and can fall into character at absolutely any given moment. Moreover, nothing is held back, her soul is bared for all to see as she inhabits her dual-character. Simply mercurial Grueheads. I already knew we were in the presence of majesty but her turn here provides all the proof you could ever need that she is the true scream queen contemporary horror so badly needed.


Speaking of which, Mike Hunt also returns as the most stubborn remaining link to the life Audrey feels slipping from grasp. He isn’t about to give up without a fight and will stop at nothing to break the family ties which bind her so tightly. Expect fireworks as he stakes his claim on her soul as they will be in full flow and will culminate in a scene which horror aficionados will still be talking about in years to come.On particular scene between Mike and Marcus showcases my point exquisitely and, true to form, Matt brought his blood, sweat and tears in exhilarating fashion, culminating in one of the film’s numerous stand-out moments. Watching him thrown the gauntlet down to his old adversary was truly a joy to behold and he gave every last drop for the cause.


The same could be said of the whole project, love for the craft is evident in every frame shot and there really isn’t another movie quite like this. It is this belief that has helped fashion the behemoth which will drop on us all in 2015. No half stepping, confident strides throughout and a willingness to forge a new path have combined to stunning effect. Use my eyes as a guide, they have been bulging open wide throughout this process, and have discerned uniqueness every single day of shooting. I owe this glorious experience to two  beautiful people who never once lost faith in me and I trust I have done them proud.


A year ago I was on the receiving end of a nervous breakdown which threatened to consume me and working on Bound X Blood has enriched my soul more than I had ever envisaged. Now I am complete, see my flaws as quirks other than failings, and this shows just how vital Bound X Blood has been. In different hands it could have been another tale entirely, but in a pair as safe as Matt Farnsworth’s it has been truly spiritual and eminently life-enriching. It seems forever ago that we began our pilgrimage as brothers, what I hadn’t anticipated was the beautiful kinships which would develop right through the cast and crew. It seems fitting that our special little film is known as Bound X Blood as this is exactly what has transpired. It’s rare that I have tears but I wear mine right now, the happiest tears. Truly, really, clearly, sincerely.


I trust y’all have found my shooting logs enlightening, it was always my intention to document this in a manner which involves you that much more and there has been a method in Keeper’s madness. We are all invested in something utterly exclusive, this means so much to so many people from all walks if life. It unites us, binds us all in its blood and it has been a distinct honor sharing my Los Angeles pilgrimage with you, step for bloody step. We have painted the town red, blood has spilled, minds have combined and souls become perpetually joined as we have taken this walk of life and death. I would not change but a thing, I came to LA in poor physical shape and will leave with the best mental fitness for my entire adult life. Looks like I was right to dream, to aspire to greatness, to trust my soul and the vision of another. My parting statement comes from the depths of my soul; I truly couldn’t consider a more majestic group of people to start a revolution with.


I came, I saw, I learned to soar
I fought for something worth dying for
I lived, I breathed, and all perceived
is gained, retained for evermore


A seed, that feeds can then proceed
to quench our thirst with all it bleeds
The heart and soul, this well-strived goal
has meant so much, can’t be annulled


With frequency stated, it’s inaugurated
The stars have aligned and our passage is fated
our meaning is found, there’s no backing down
As from this point forth were perpetually bound


Murder Crew Gallery

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To sins now committed…raise a chalice,

Sponsored by @TheOrphanKiller
Performances by @MattFarnsworth @DieannFoster
Cruel Art by @MattFarnsworth
Prose and scribing by @RiversofGrue
Copyright Full Fathom 5 Productions LLC. All Rights Reserved.



  1. Congratulations! I can hardly wait to see this film! I bet that was a difficult but rewarding and fun experience.

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