The Ever Complex Puzzle of The Mind



I’m scratching my head
Hell-bent on deciphering code
And it would appear that
Each wire is attached to a node


Shouldn’t take me so long
Been note-taking en route
Sure I’m making headway
To locating the truth


It’s hardly neuroscience
Mere clutch of nuts and bolts
Aware of my strengths
Been informed of innumerous faults


How hard can it feasibly be
When the brain’s little more than a muscle
I’m biting the bullet right through
Hear it’s easy with reason to hustle


Let me in on the sick joke I plead
For I really do need understand
Secrets are no good to me where I am
For they seldomly help you expand


Tiny men rarely get seen
When sobriety bleeds and constricts them
No need for heroic extremes
Should they just remain victim


I yearn for precious little in this life
No wish to be burdened with fall
Will take each uncertainly throw my own way
If only to learn of my cause


How I arrived here makes no odds at all
My only core focus solution
Maybe one day I’ll expound this enigma
Arrive at full and final absolution







Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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