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The kiss had taken DeAnnah somewhat by surprise. She had half-expected that he would make the move eventually but, when he did, she wasn’t expecting it in the slightest. Every nerve in her body was jangling; she was utterly imprisoned in his embrace and not about to pull away. His hunger had caught her off guard and such appetite was impossible not to reciprocate. She kissed him right back; probed his sweet-tasting mouth with her inquisitive tongue and let her hands do the talking on her behalf. She knew full well where this was likely to end up and, against her better judgement, couldn’t help herself but encourage. Her virginity was something precious; something she had not been frivolous with and had kept guarded until now for good reason. Ultimately it seemed obvious that her resolve would deplete and her body had always warned of such mutiny. But up until this moment she had ignored its pleas. It felt only right that tonight she sat up and took notice. Womanhood had finally caught up for DeAnnah.


In one respect it felt like the entire world had ceased spinning in this moment. Time had slowed down to a crawl to accommodate her arrival in uncharted territory. She had no way of ascertaining what was a second and what a minute; her entire concept of time had jumbled and she was okay with that as this kiss had awoken something inside her which had remained dormant until now. On the other hand it felt like she was being dragged beneath by a vicious undercurrent; a thousand thoughts restraining her as she bid to surrender herself to suggestion. Such conflict only served to arouse her more; the concept of giving in to her bodily urges seemed so unthinkable that it made the reality all the more tantalizing. A sense of danger was present in abundance; fear of the unknown and of failing in her endeavor aside a suitor far more experienced than she. That just spurred her on; the endorphins had long since relinquished their status and were swirling inside her ferociously, igniting every nerve ending as they passed. The burn culminated in her haunch; the center of her desire was ablaze and not until it had seen release would it afford logic the privilege of meddling with its single-minded goal.


Todd’s hands were strong; they appeared to have a handle on her fraying nerves and were healing accordingly. Every move was deliberate; they knew how to operate within such confines and, moreover, he appeared mindful of the fact that she was less far less assured. It was clear to DeAnnah by the stiffened reminder prodding her lower ribs that he was ready for advancement but acting on the impulse had not entered into his mind thus far. This was all about her; such a thought should have comforted her, and in some way, it did but it also provided a sobering reminder that control was not something in her possession. At any given moment he could pounce; his own freed pheromones would invariably slacken his own resolve and she would be for the high jump when that became so. It was only a matter of time before that occurred; DeAnnah could only sit and wait for that eventuality to play out. She was on borrowed time. That made her all the wetter.


He laid her down delicately on the divan and slid his warm tactile feelers up her dress, along her stocking tops and toward her fast soiling underwear. Teasingly, he changed direction just as he advanced her sopping sex and instead dragged his nail to her naval, circling it with intent. This drove her insane with passion and she began parting her legs to plead his plundering. He momentarily denied her but in a manner which made her want this even more resolutely. Todd gripped both cups of her bra and raised the under-wiring to enable access. Already, her mammalia were swollen to the point of aching, their unyielding tips reminding him that the gold lay someplace else. He didn’t allow her to catch breath; pulling at her left earlobe with clenched teeth as he thumbed her rigid breasts further. Her panties had began to bunch now between her pouting lips and her ordinarily argumentative sex was totally open to negotiation. Honey dripped; sweet and sticky nectar trickling back towards her clenched anus which, itself, was beginning to slacken. He could do literally anything right now and she would be little more than malleable putty in his very hands.


Still, his refusal to commit befuddled her; it wasn’t as though he was acting with indecision as his touch was most conclusive and it was evident that he knew exactly how to drive her wild. Her back arched as he began at commandeer points of her body she had no idea even existed; fingertips infused with the courage of every last of his convictions. Her lower spine was particularly sensitive and he applied particular attention to the soft hairs above her ass dimple, glancing them as he teased both her hips. His hard dick was now pressed up against her yearning center and already slipping within, despite any faint resistance from her sodden cotton briefs. His belled end was throbbing and she could feel its heft pulsating at her hub without further headway. This was torturous for DeAnnah yet in this moment she began to exert herself.


Suddenly the momentum began to swing. She had been a most apt pupil and her studious endeavor had cultivated into a new-found tenacity and drive. Flipping Todd onto his back, she began biting his chest passionately and fearlessly, running her tongue down to his groin and stopping just short of his shaft. In one assured motion, she slid his jockeys to his thighs and his taut member vaulted free. She slid around him like a serpent until which time as his nose was pressed into her gusset and hoisted the material aside, offering his flared nostrils an exclusive insight into her intoxicating bouquet. Meanwhile, at his business end, she lapped persuasively around the cusp of his manhood, coaxing the semen from his balls and into the base of his shaft. Using the tip of her tongue to commence extraction, she ensured such wasn’t facilitated. Not yet. Not until that stiff cock was inside her. Discipline was something she had prided herself on for her whole life so she knew exactly how to administer. This would happen but it would be on her terms.


DeAnnah turned topside and headed straight for his open mouth, tugging his lower lip as she ran the manicured nails of one hand impetuously up his side. The other was now grasping his ass cheek with her forefinger already inside him. Todd was no stranger to sex; he should have felt prepared but nothing had groomed him for such an unfacilitated about-face. He had considered her inexperience to be advantageous to him but hadn’t banked on the ferocity of the sleeping giant he had awakened. For one so wet behind the ears, she was demonstrating all the verve of a seasoned predator; circling her prey with intent and preparing to lunge while he cowered beneath appreciatively, facilitating her imminent attack. Sure, he knew exactly what to do when faced with a saturated pussy, but wasn’t used to being the submissive party. Truth was, he had discovered a preference all of his own. Todd desired nothing more than to act the prey; had never felt anything vaguely nearing what he felt right now. Fortunately for him, she was about to provide the release he craved.


This time the tip of his cock pushed through into her cloying honey pot and instantly he commenced percolation. He was only shallow at first and this afforded her the say so on whether or not he be allowed to cum. The force with which she clamped against his heaving member kept the semen from rising and she had absolutely no intention in granting him the satisfaction of dictating play. As the thrusts became deeper and his probing more intimate; it occurred to Todd that he wasn’t responsible for any movements. He was pinned, held in place by the tight grip around his larynx which held him in place and she was the one making any headway as she slid up and down on top of him at her own chosen velocity. He let out a faint yelp as the pain began to override the pleasure but this just compelled her more to snatch the initiative and tighten her grip further. With every squeeze of his throat, her convulsions intensified until which time as her own breathing became labored. Release was seemingly being facilitated by both parties now and he took a final inhalation, although resisted by his cloistered airways, and prepared to exhale.


At that moment, warm fluid reached the very tip of his cock and began to push against his urethra from the inside. With one final tug she wrenched it free and Todd shot his own honey into her interior at the precise moment that his prostate became suitably milked. Twin bullets of pleasure shot straight through his entire exoskeleton, stopping at his appetite as her nail pierced the skin and thumb purged forth to crush his esophagus. The pain would likely have been unbearable had it not been for the conflicting reports being sent from his mid torso. Both fully dilated pupils rolled back in his head and his lids flickered wildly in a vein attempt to halt the march of agony and ecstasy as it reached his frontal lobe. All the while, DeAnnah remained firmly in the driving seat and didn’t relinquish her vice-like grip until the last drop of nectar had been spilled. Todd was now surplus to requirements. She tossed his lifeless cadaver aside and returned to her feet, where a final gush of ecstasy denoted her contentment and trickled crudely down her inner thigh until it rested on her pedicured toes.


She parted them, allowing the warm fluid to run in-between and let out an exhalation of her own which made her own eyes widen. DeAnnah then wiped her bloody fingers on the divan and returned to her dresser to pick up her favorite Ragdoll. She had been gifted DeAnnah Grimm when she was merely seven after her father spotted her in an old antique store and considered it too much of a coincidence to pass up. Her namesake had remained muted up until now; content to watch as she underwent the normal transformations of an adolescent girl on course for deflowering but now was the time to reveal her true intention. She had a vested interest in childhood and no need for her plaything now that it had been compromised by sins of the flesh. It was inevitable that she would find a new home now; the fact confirmed by the scalpel which her owner dragged across her throat until it touched marrow. Nobody would ever suspect her of foul play; she was simply an inanimate onlooker and her own release had remained inestimable by the naked eye. But it was all contained within those blackened buttons she wore on her cruel face; they told a far more ominous story. Temporary storage didn’t faze Miss DeAnnah; it just afforded her time to savor her despicable actions. She was a most Wicked Ragdoll after all.



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