The Denial of Donald Treseden



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Donald Treseden was a well-to-do chap
and multi-millionaire banker
he had all the money a man could dream of
but in truth was a bit of a wanker


He married his high school sweetheart Marie
a match it appeared made in heaven
but his hunger for profit outweighed his desire
and soon after their ties were severed


Onwards and upwards no time to mourn
He focused solely on finance
Made his first million dollars by just twenty four
and swiftly proceeded to buy land


A house in Antigua two in Turin
and six bedroom mansion in Gloucester
considering Donald lived on his own
it seemed a preposterous roster




Money was never an object for him
he spent it as fast as he earned it
if his central heating went on the blink
he’d grab a wad of fifties and burn it


He commanded respect from his colleagues and peers
but never again found a partner
instead there were hookers call girls and boys
and they all left a bitter taste after


As he approached fifty he learned of a son
born months after Marie’s departure
he had three mergers and a conference that week
there just wasn’t the time to play father


He paid off the boy to keep his head down
and not throw a wrench in the spokes
his son was heartbroken but honored his wish
and that was the last time they spoke



A mild stroke at sixty left him downtrodden
in need of around the clock care
his health then began to deteriorate
and soon after was bound to his chair


He stared at a blank wall pondering how
his life slipped away with no warning
No answers he found in his pale whitewashed mind
then he slipped away one July morning


Life is a gift we unwrap or discard
choices to take roads ahead
it seems such as shame to figure this out
as we fade away on our death bed


All of that money all of that hope
every bit of that wondrous potential
amounted to nothing when push came to shove
as he ended up nobody special



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