She: Discourse With The Succubus

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“Can you scratch my shoulder please? I can’t reach”

Okay, given the fact that I am currently hanging naked before a woman I’m pretty sure is about to skin me alive, this may not have been the best opening request. However, it really fucking itches. To her credit, she has signaled to her minions, who appear to be about to relieve me.

“The Keeper of The Crimson Quill. To what do I owe the honor?”

I must answer with the utmost care as these hell bitches are in dire need of a manicure and I should be careful what I wish for. I have a tendency to jest when desolation looms but resist the urge to make light of my plight on account of the fact that I just listened to a man dying painfully.

“The honor is all mine, I assure you”

“You haven’t answered my question”

“Your reputation precedes you. I desire to find out more about the mysterious She”

“Careful what you wish for Keeper. You may just get it”

I’m instantly regretting my decision to begin with flippancy as the nails currently pushing through the skin of my shoulder-blade are razor-sharp and have drawn blood already. Currently I’m down about four pints which means I really should be more selective with my questioning.

“You fascinate me. So little is known about you and I want to learn more”

“I’m an open book. However I would recommend that you choose your posers wisely from hereon in”

“What is this place?”

“You like it? This is the Chamber of Desolation. It’s where I get my kicks”




“Are you planning to kill me?”

“That would depend”

“On what?”

“Whether or not you please me”

I believe her too. Her minions appear primed to tear me limb from limb and are waiting for a simple instruction to do their foul bidding on her behalf. I would say that it is pretty obvious that she pleases me given the fact that I am currently sporting a telltale erection but there is no way I’m about to split hairs so I play dumb.

“Very much so yes”

“Good. I have been accused of being a little…erratic shall we say. Ignorance angers me you see. I’ll try to be a hospitable host but much of that depends on your chosen line of questioning”

“I just want to learn”

“Mankind’s Achilles heel. Haven’t you ever hear that curiosity killed the cat?”

“As you may have assumed by now, I like to take my chances”

“Yes, indeed you possess pluck. So fire away, I shall answer your questions to the best of my ability”

“Would you mind calling off your girls here? I’m not itching anymore”

She grants my request and they fade back into the darkness behind me, leaving their cruel mark on my formerly immaculate pelt to the tune of a two-inch gaping abrasion.




“Is that better Keeper?”

“Great thanks”

“Good. I would like for your stay to be comfortable”

Hanging naked, woozy from the acute blood loss, secretly scared stiff, sexually frustrated. Yeah, I’d say I’m peachy.

“Why do you kill? I mean, what motivates you?”

“Weakness. I loathe weakness. There is so much of it in the world, so many people frittering their opportunity to stand out from the crowd and satisfied with remaining average”

“I know right? You’re preaching to the choir with that one”

“And what makes you any different from the other nondescripts?”

“I’ve been to hell and back”




“That’s a blatant lie but continue”

“The past two years I have wished only for release from my current plight. Sadness eats me alive on a daily basis, I cry but no tears are forthcoming”

“So you’re weak too?”

“No. That’s the thing. Through all of this I have become stronger. I would say more resilient but I haven’t allowed my circumstances to make me bitter and still believe that my outcome need not be dire”

“I will be the judge of that Keeper. Right now I’d say you’re skating on particularly thin ice”

“You’re smart though. You see things that others don’t. That’s what I find fascinating”

“Please continue”

Looks like I’m onto a winner here. Massaging her ego appears to be the astute move.

“Behind that stunning beauty lies a darkness. It’s a darkness I can relate to. I find it intoxicates me”

“I would urge that you be careful what you wish for. So the blackness of my soul invigorates you?”

I’d say that was a no-brainer right now but remain game-faced.


“You have never yet tasted death. What, pray tell, makes you think it would be to your liking?”

“It’s not death. I don’t actually want to die. But I like the fuel darkness provides. Some of my most honest work comes as a result of feeling hopeless”

“My dear deluded Keeper. Darkness is not something you simply dip into when it suits. It’s all-encompassing, asphyxiating, freeing. It defines”

“I am betrayed by hopefulness”

“You were raised by loving parents yes?”

Jesus, this is like therapy. I’m fairly convinced I was supposed to be the one doing the cross-examining. Having said that, I ain’t never been to a therapy session which ended with me being shackled naked. If I had, then maybe I would have kept it up.

“Yes. My mother and father doted on me and I had three older sisters to look out for my well-being so I guess I was blessed”




“A blessing can also be a curse”

“That’s the issue. I’m at odds with myself frequently. One part wants to scream from the pit of my belly and the other simply wishes for quietude. Darkness holds monumental appeal to me but I can’t shake the fact that all I truly desire is happiness. I’m conflicted”

“You think you can just sit on the fence?”

“Not at all no. I’m looking for clarity. An allegiance one way or another. Escape”

“And you think that you will find that here?”

“I don’t know”

“I can provide the lucidity you crave. If I see fit, then I could even accept your allegiance. But it will not be an escape. At least, not the one you expect”





Every word she articulates arouses me further. Right now, I’m not even convinced that escape is on my to-do-list. I would much rather dangle here perpetually while she has her wicked way with me.

“Expectation is a foolish pastime”

“There is hope for you yet Keeper”

“Teach me. I’m prepared for come what may”

“If we’re to get along then I must insist that you cease with your mistruth. Nothing in your pitiful life up until now could ever have prepared you for come what may”

“Then enlighten me please”

“I will do no such thing. It is darkness I court, not light. It is far more appealing to me to receive than to give. Should I choose to suck you dry, then that will be your only gift. Release is only so if you’re going to a better place”

“What will become of me should I choose darkness?”

“You don’t choose darkness. Your inability to grasp that rudimentary concept leaves me exasperated”

“So what you’re saying is that you decide whether or not I fit the criteria?”

“You ask too many questions Keeper. I’m growing disinterested with our tête-à-tête. Your mind is an ineffectual piece of equipment, it’s your soul that interests me”

With that, she kneels down at my feet, and proceeds to run her barbed nail across my lower abdomen tellingly. Maybe this is where the soul resides, I’ve never been entirely sure but the fact that I regularly succumb to gut feeling suggests that it is somewhere within that vicinity.

“I could rip you wide open and suck out your organs one by one and you would be powerless to resist. You are my plaything and that visibly arouses you”

I think the straining boner may well have given me away on that count.

“Perhaps I shall take my fill for now”

“Be my guest”

“But you are mine”

“Then do with me as you will”

“Oh I will”




I can feel her rough tongue as it slathers my rigid member from base to tip and rests gently on my urethra as it begins to burrows inside. All the while her eye contact is unbroken; I’m ensnared in her gaze and there doesn’t seem to be a single thing I can do about that. Hell, if there were then I doubt I would do it anyway. She’s got me by the scruff of my balls. Actually, she has, and that’s where things begin to cloud over some. Damn their sensitivity, one flick and I’m in the emergency room for six hours. nursing a bruised nut. I’m all for a little pain in the name of perversion but not when that involves the exclusive twinge necessitated by testicular torment.

“You want to feel my darkness”

“I do”


She relinquishes her grip and I breathe a sigh of palpable relief. This is followed, in turn, by enthusiasm as she drags her tongue tantalizingly topside, planting a delicate kiss on my beating heart en route to the soft skin of my throat. If She is vampiric then I guess now would be the time for its manifestation. I badly wish to feel your incisors puncture and quench on me until sated but even more pressing right now is the desire to be inside her. Looks as though I’m about to be granted that request.

God she’s tight, either that or my dick is larger than I remembered. Admittedly, the last time I sported such a magnificent erection I was seventeen and a non-smoker. But, as it slides inside her warm centre, it’s as though it were custom-made to facilitate me. It’s not all honey roasted nuts and soda pop as I can’t shake the memory of that film Teeth and I’m fairly assured that this otherwise handsome vulva has its own dental plan.

“Come Keeper. Come into the darkness.”




Holy hell cats. Ejaculation is not my strong suit. It doesn’t help that I have almost no feeling in my shaft and only at its apex. Nevertheless, I fret not as I can feel her milking my cylinder further with every thrust. She is the one inciting blitzkrieg, I am just putty in her thighs.

“You’re holding back. This displeases me. You want to control this”

“No. Fuck control. Make me cum mistress of the night”

It’s amazing the sort of hackneyed shit one spouts when the baby batter reaches the brain. Suddenly she is the mistress of the night which I guess makes me the master of ceremonies. It’s funny, I’m feeling a lot of different emotions right now but masterful isn’t one of them. Having said that, what about this boner eh? I count twenty minutes and I’m still stiff like an obelisk. I expect kudos should I make it out of this alive.

“Would you object to my associates joining us?”

Something tells me that this is a trick question.

“More the merrier”

I may yet lament that response.





I shall have to bank on the other four senses to inform me of their rearrival as my eyes are rolled back into my head right now on account of this divine ecstasy. My sense of smell is first up as these hellions are clearly menstrual and any male can discern such a heady scent. Audio is at a distinct premium as they are light on their feet and dance with the shadows most exquisitely. Then, of course, we have touch. Considering She is doing such a bang-up job steering my vessel, I’m not wholly convinced that there will be much they can do to influence the situation further.

“Oh…oh dear. That pinches a little”

Like the man in orthopedic shoes, I stand corrected. Ordinarily this would be the point when I let out a yelp of discord but they appear to have located my prostate gland and I have to give them props for such prompt discovery. Far less heartening are the talons which are currently secured in place a good inch beneath the pelt of my lower spine and smothering my spleen. More blood loss; I’m no mathematician but at the current rate of loss I would assume that any lightheadedness I am feeling is not altogether on account of my imminent orgasm.

The old pincer movement. I know it well but have never seen it administered so effectively. I can feel the long fingernail flicking against my own member and that’s a sure-fire way of provoking a geyser right now as that’s precisely where at least two pints of my blood supply reside. One slip could be catastrophic. Yet, I feel rather splendid. A little used and abused, but otherwise top-notch.




“I’m gonna cum”

“I can feel it coursing Keeper. No more denying yourself the pleasure, come join me in the rose garden”

That’s a sore point right now, given the fact that roses are regimented with barbed thorns which reveal themselves upon the unfurling of said flower. Please She; don’t shoot the messenger. Think of me as that friendly honey merchant retrieving nectar from its source. No reason to swat. We can all come out of this enriched if we just stick to nature’s game plan. Should I impregnate, and that is not an altogether alien concept, then we shall have our own progeny. If that’s not a way of getting my shoes under the table then I don’t know what is.

Here it comes, I know as much from the snarl which is forming. My breathing is severely labored and every nerve ending feels fit to explode at any given moment. This is it, no holding back now. The sailors are already walking the plank. Rarely have I felt so alpha whilst ironically, in the very same instance, so utterly impotent. Fuck logic; here come the rocket men.




Just as my congealed honey begins to seep, She pulls back forcefully with almost sufficient might to rupture my muscle. I cum as requested but not, as I had hoped and feared, inside her honey pot and, instead, my semen drips to the cold, hard floor by my feet, suffocated and spent. I may not be Einstein, but doesn’t that count as a wasted opportunity of sorts?

“You’re not ready”

My attempts at regaining composure are compromised by the fact that one of her minions is still using me as a ventriloquist’s dummy.

“For…for what?”

“Darkness. Not yet Keeper”

That’s a shame. I would have gladly kept up with alimony payments although I have a sneaky suspicion that would include surrendering my soul so perhaps I dodged a bullet after all.

“You are free to leave”




The moment she offers her out, her minions withdraw their claws and, I have to be honest, I think I preferred their entrance technique. True to her word, the manacles that bound me are no more and I could walk straight out of this dungeon right now, had it not been for the fact that I feel fit to collapse after the loss of too many quarts of vital fluid. There are a mesh of emotions zigzagged so intricately across my synapses that I have no idea whether I should be feeling reprieved or deceived. I may not have been afforded critical darkness but I have endured a taste.

“That is all”

She turns away and drifts like a calm ocean breeze back into the dark recesses just out of sight. For a moment, I enjoy the silence. That is, until the pain reconvenes from earlier. I am no stranger to agony but never before has it been so palpable. After attempting my first step, I pass out and hit the ground with a depleted thud. Thus, darkness is finally achieved.




“You’re not ready”


Those words still ring in my ears as I come to; fully clothed and in a secure locale once more. The train; not sure how I got here but there can be no better place for reflection right now. My communion with She has left me much food for thought and I’m grateful that she afforded my continuation on this occasion. There is still much I still wish to do; too many places I long to visit. It’s not my time yet. I glance about me and it would appear that I am the only journeyman on the carriage. We are approaching a tunnel and, with that, will invariably come the darkness I crave. I’m ready for that now; if there is one thing I have gleaned from this whole debacle then that would be that I am the in and out kind of guy. Actually, I don’t remember this tunnel being quite so long or tenebrous.




Truly, Really, Clearly, Sincerely,


Keeper of the Crimson Quill


Copyright: Crimson Quill: Savage Vault Enterprises 2015




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