The Warrior Ethos




Title art by L.H. Grey



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A thousand broadswords unsheathed


Numbers swollen
Primed to do battle
Ample mark to bequeath




Standing tall on this uneven ground
with chain mail ornamented


Dressed not to recess
No finesse in such actions


The numbers would never stack up
should we tally in fractions


By birthright united
Shared vision far-sighted


A militia this fearsome and true
cannot be expedited


As the battlefield doesn’t take kindly
To those who stumble in blindly


No prisoners taken out here
Death will not ask politely


It will grope


It will snatch
without blessing


Most unkind as it’s pressing
A caress not to savor


It strikes with intent to dethrone
the very second we waver


Bleeding us out
Through mortal wounds


Armor littered with lashes
Crude gashes


Rushing to greet us
With icy hands


These are its plans




See defeat is an option
Never once entertained


For the Spartan blood running deep
Knows not how to restrain


It’s this purpose
This bite
This insistence to fight


Which just might see us vanquish our foe
Each victory ours to bestow


Dense rivers of grue still to flow


No conceding
This bleeding
Need not be impeding


As it spews to renew
Is as tried as its true


Each twinge of affliction
Gainsays dereliction


Supplies benediction
Debunks this infliction


No more
Blindest faith now restored


No longer sightless
No longer flightless




Unassailable faith overarching


Disavows our undoing
Won’t allow for such ruin


Standing tall on this uneven ground
Shoulder to shoulder
An immovable boulder


Resolute to the bittermost end


Never once begging to differ
Always protected


As the blood of a Spartan runs thicker.


No fear
No resignation


Just a solitary crimson tear

The sweetest Salvation.






Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill



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1 Comment

  1. A beautifully personal piece about encouragement through the darkest of battles .
    I love this and will keep it near:
    “Standing tall on this uneven ground
    Shoulder to shoulder
    An immovable boulder”

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