Psychosomatic Schematics

Closing artwork by L.H. Grey

Talkin’ Schematics is written from a female perspective, to challenge the perception of gender role. It is unapologetic prose, though with a far greater goal than to shock and appall the reader.

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Nine Inch Nails “Underneath The Skin”

Talkin’ schematics
Not startin’ static
Just another track from the Elusive White Rabbit
Overdue my say and you know I gotta have it
Provin’ you don’t need a cock to grab it

Dude looks like a lady in this hazy shade of winter
The lighter the touch, the longer new sensation lingers
Got my pops’ fingers, got his allergy to bullshit
Ignorance is bliss, but this bitch ain’t about to endorse it
Charged with fitting gender role and suckers tried to force it
Ain’t no doubtin’ I rock out in heels and leather corset
Double dare to glare and be prepared to pay the forfeit
Spot this “G” a prostate, have you drippin’ like a faucet

Think yourself a man, well I betcha I can spit further
Piss further, belch louder, stand prouder, downright serve you
Don’t look at me dismissively
50/50 split with me
Both sexes permitted see
Call me intermittent, I call it best of both strains
Who gives a motherfucking shit if they fit you up as strange
That redhead at the bar, all collagen and boobs
Betcha I get twice the looks in wife-beater, denims and cowboy boots

Talkin’ schematics
Rogue gene gone erratic
Attestin’ sick flow while directin’ the traffic
Huntin’ the pack as Elusive White Rabbit
Droppin’ bombs atomic like bad habits

Back up bozo, check your airflow, I’ll mummify your shit just like a Pharaoh
Riddlin’ the sphinx as I’m smarter than you think
Could’ve been a shrink but I was needed in the ghetto
Trouble from the get-go, never one to let go
Adaptin’ to environment like Gecko
Strappin’ on key change to make your baritone falsetto
Drop and give me fifty, lick the heel of my stiletto

Think yourself a saint, feel free to spare one for a sinner
Should your heart be faint, then it appears I’m on a winner
Oxygen depletin’ as the air is gettin’ thinner
Rein-fucking-carnate Jack the Ripper
Pour yourself a brandy, make it stiff
Help yourself to candy, I’ll soon have that sweet tooth out
Got the misdemeanor, got the tools to make it swift
But sometimes I just dig to hang shit out
Make no miscalculation, I have faith and it’s devout
Motivated by a comprehensive lack of doubt
The time is now upon us for the devil to ride out
Burnin’ twin exhausts until the embers flicker out

Talkin’ schematics
Immune to the static
In tune with the cosmos and fucking emphatic
Leadin’ the pack this Elusive White Rabbit
Sense of humor sick as shit and rabid
Taste these lips, you’ll never break the habit
Secret is it’s all in the schematics
Got your strings and makin’ you my puppet
Now get down on your knees and fucking suck it

… and you can keep the gum in

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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  1. You can be open from the beginning about who you are, your past, your…body. Or you can hide it all, in the end love is hard, it’s painful, and it can destroy you. But, love is also everything.

  2. Every written word here…is unarguably true. …..eye opening… <3 "It becomes this intricate web of whites which fast begins to unravel as true colors are steadily shown." Honesty is always the best policy…no matter what….and as for flatulence….it's not a crime. It's only natural lol….. <3

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