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Nine Inch Nails “The Big Come Down”




Hello squire

Mind if I inquire

Would you play with me


I’m looking for a friend you see


One to have me and to hold me
One to safeguard and console me


May not look much on first sight
merest trinket of contrite


but theres far more than meets the eye


nothing quite that black and white


Do I affright

is that your pulse I hear racing


My design that has you pacing


But I’m just a simple




I’m waiting


You can touch me
I don’t bite




I might


Guess you’ll have to find that out
Begs the question


How devout


could you bear to be without


would you dare to disavow


Share your thoughts
and I’ll share mine


as its very near



Still I sense polite reduction
felt it right since introduction


Are the nails not to your liking
is that why discomforts spiking


adorned with
crown of thorns


do you find that uninviting


Damaged goods
by all accounts


little more than





Do you trust the dead night air
darkest recess of your lair


would you give me pride of place
bow your head and say that



lift it up and see me




Drown that frown
as I play nicely


and I say that most


Not to say
I wont garrott you
should you not please me



Just a warning
Rose has thorns


Jagged ivy barb
that scorns


I could end you where you slumber
and you would not hear me lumber


But I told you
I play nice




do not make me say it thrice
just friendly advice


so what do you say
am I steal of the day


or a knick-knack of dismay


line that palm
with rusted copper


take me home


as it pays not to disown


Good to see youve been so bold




So this is home then


Shrewd investment
expert culling


why so glum then
why so sullen


seems we just ran out of daytime
doesnt that now make it




Tsk tsk


Far less charm
As I impart
third hand advice


told you once now
told you twice






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