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Nine Inch Nails “Came Back Haunted”

You want my sword?
Have at it
You want my shield?
Then grab it
Want my fight?
You got that too as I would bleed the skies for you
Decimate angels to darn you a quilt
And each drop spilled would be my prize to you

Would chisel out their eyeballs and slice off their tongues
Prise open sternums and snap off each rung
Gut them like swine and would do this for fun
If they’re looking for motives, they’ll find only one
To be the troublemaker that you came for

Shall quarrel with gods, they will not talk me down
With plague dogs as witnesses, make them all bow
Cut off their heads while they spew their last prayers
Declare this my pleasure and make it my vow

Mortal flesh no longer suffocates now
I have shed it for you, never once bled such truth
The grapes of my wrath yield the reddest vermouth
For you, I’ll move mountains to crown unique view
Tear clouds asunder as I care not for the way they frown at you
Let the shadows play, au fait with making darklings slaves for you
The battlefield I’ll populate with unmarked graves for you
After all, isn’t that what a troublemaker would do?

Come what may
If I die on this day
I shall love you from deep within tomb
You will never be anything less than aware of the fire in my chest as this flame burns expressly for you
This blaze it consumes, has me high on the fumes, and the scent of charred flesh makes for heady perfume

You want my sword?
Have at it.
You want my shield?
Then grab it.
Want my fight?
You got that too and goddamn right I’ve got a point to prove
Shall do so too, remain true blue to you

And about this love divine
Does not crack under scrutiny, fearful of mutiny, need to regroup or else perish in time
Ages with grace and matures like fine wine
Takes us to places where wide open spaces are famed of our twin flamed design

Just so happens you’re a troublemaker too
Who knew this flaming chariot would be one built for two
Drawn by dual stallions
We set sail like galleon, part the red tides
And bleed through them

No dealing in fractions
Not a thing split by faction
Just most exact science and black hole of traction
Like magnets to steel or cannibals to veal
We cling to the shadows as they have been known to reveal that which always appealed
When we entered this place, no mistake to be made
We were right in the midst of receding
Now we’re leading the charge
To the bloodiest heart
To where hills run deep red through our love and our art
Every dead end bled the courage to start
As we chance every sense into feeling

You want our sword?
Have at it
You want our shield?
Then grab it
Want our fight?
Well you got that too as these rivers of grue bleed our infinite truth
Blissful as we tip toe through the claymores
We may be the troublemakers that you came for

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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  1. It is a well-known fact: if you don’t have a red-blooded American inside you, try putting yourself into one.

  2. Hahaha! This was brilliant, you always make me laugh to the point I snort!! *giggles* I love it that you are Coming to America and staying! I’m sure they’ll be alot of warm apple pie waiting for you!! LOL Us American girls have a weakness for British accents. Xoxo

  3. A fun a clever write up about love and travel and the USA, I will always love the USA and we will be glad to have such am intelligent person among all us americans

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