Come Darkness


A greykeeper Dark Fusion


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Come darkness

Move a little closer
step                   out
dont be shy
wont decry
squint my eyes to reduce the exposure


Come Darkness

creep a little lighter
skulk in silence
dont be seen
dont be heard
mince your words
as you strangle my throat ever tighter


Come Darkness

stalk a little keener
smell my season
circle prey
dont relent
damn well vent
as I wholly endorse misdemeanor


Come Darkness

stay a little longer
no objections from me
as you see
i could be your trustee
just so happens I’m in search of a sponsor


Come Darkness

cut a little deeper
cleave my flesh wide apart
reach on in
grip my heart
pull it out
make it start as its spent way too long as a sleeper


Come Darkness

fuck a little harder
as i yearn for your thrust
and would find it unjust
not to be laid flat out
have my brains fucked right out
as im desperate to feel






other than



ive been trapped – snared- caged and confined – beaten down by a thousand cruel Angels – they speak in forked tongues – their features shift – to distort my perception – no relenting to their cold hands – each a clutch of syringes – grabbing – stabbing – extracting the fluids – bleeding me dry – with lie after lie – moistening my contempt – as i see right through them – and will FUCK every god they suggest – no less than thoroughly – no less than gluttony – i will gorge myself on their halos – until i vomit out my rusted devil horns in their changing faces – and then we shall get to communion


Come Darkness

I am ready now
sword arm steady now
no longer reticent
no longer heaven sent
You see
Hell already signed that treaty
so these false gods can no longer cheat me
take more than a crucifix to defeat me


Come Darkness


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L.H. Grey/Richard Charles Stevens

Enter the Antechamber of Autopsies de Macabre


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